Monday, November 7, 2016

Donald Trump and the Terror Attack

Understanding the terrorist mindset (where they are coming from) can help us predict the next upcoming terror attacks
THIS IS A 7am update 11/7/16

Those inspired to long for the Muslim 10th Century Good Old Days are constantly trying to stop the West from influencing and controlling what they consider important like longing to watch the Boston Marathon when it was time to pray. However, Western football doesn't have much appeal, to many Muslims unlike soccer, thus less likely to face attack.

Donald Trump, among other things, gets in the way of trying to understand what they think and why.

Al Qaeda and ISIS are frustrated that Muslims don't get respect like they did in the 10th Century, like Sunni Muslims are taught to believe - not Sufis, Kurds. or Iranian Shiites. Thanks to Iran's lobbying and grandstanding against Israel Palestinians lost interest in getting other mortals to obey the Saudi King as Muhammad's heir. Since the 8th century at times bloody debate has been going on whether mortals should obey God or both God and Muhammad's heir. Al Qaeda and ISIS believe that the King and Islam has grown soft and must be toughened up or replaced, Turkey and Saudi Arabia opposing these terrorists only as long as it doesn't strengthen the Kurd's or Iran. The Queen of England, entertainment stars, and business tycoons get more respect then they get. They desperately try to feel proud when alone praying in public. Hasidic Jews don't face scorn. Amish girls frolicking at the edge of the ocean waves in layered clothing look cute and precious, but in a burkini swimsuit, far more comfortable, looks out of place or worse. Donald Trump possibly forcing moderate Muslims to be more militant and an election day terror attack may help him win.

Many comments similar to mine end up encouraging the West to be nice; but it is far more complicated: for instance a French police officer when he forced a Muslim woman to remove her burkini, who violated the burkini swimsuit ban on a French beach created a climate that allowed thousands of Muslim women to swim on the beaches in Saudi Arabia and similar countries.

Let's look at the terror threat report, Google:
OK my guess from trying to look into their heads an attack that the terrorists claimed would be on polling place demanding Muslims not vote for safety reasons in three states that happen to be rich in Electoral Votes suggests terror designed to get a maximum number of votes for Trump so ISIS and al Qaeda wouldn’t have to slaughter moderate moderate Muslims any more if they could finagle the US to do it for them. One school with a polling place with likely Hillary voters in Texas is 41% Hispanic and 18% black with a fairly large internet presence for the terrorists to find.

An effective way to even prevent terrorist acts is not to give the terrorist what they want, Confederate flag waving Dylann Roof wanted a race war when he murdered a black pastor and some parishioners, not to facilitate the Confederate Flag being removed from the State House lawn, Bin Laden scorned President Bush for continuing to read “The Little Goat” when 9/11 occurred to win President Bush votes. Al Qaeda and ISIS badly want the US to corner moderate Muslims into becoming militant and dream a President Trump will do it. Several terror attacks could cost Hillary votes but CIA candidate Evan McMullin who is 12 points behind Donald Trump in Utah and gaining past double digits in Idaho, The shock of a terror atact could help both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein get electoral votes, Gary is already second in New Mexico and 11 points away from being second in Wyoming. Somehow the US got boxed into a corner of stopping the Kurds and Iran from effectively fighting ISIS. But again they may get overwhelmed by ISIS and al Qaeda, and Saudi Arabia even less well-behaved if the US wasn't involved at all.

Donald is accelerating the blame game, but hurling blame back at him is not necessary the best answer, there was once bipartisanship with Lincoln Chafee. and with Olympia Snowe. But it wasn't only the Tea Party that destroyed them but the Democratic machine urging “vote straight Democrat”. Now Donald and the Democratic machine are joining to defeat Senator John McCain, a badly needed conscience should Donald win.

The anti-choice pro-lifers stance and image is to help mother and child, not jail women for being cornered into an abortion. NRA's stance is or was a gun as a sober attempt to guard against tyranny and quiet protection to protect what others may want, not bravado and veiled threats. Gary Johnson was shocked. But the NRA leadership is subtlety changing what they want their image to be due to Donald Trump With immigration, the bottom line is that if borders were free and open the wage would head toward a dollar an hour. Donald adds in a lot more hate. Donald once had seemingly profound praise of Hillary and made substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation. He will pick judges who will let him do what he wants. The way he burnt the Mexican President will make other world leaders wary of him to negotiate with.
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria, a fantastic success story with an ironic twist

Dr. Feliz Sarria had less complications than ever before. None of the trauma of past Ebola victims whisked out of Africa.


Three months ago Ebola survivors had a horror story to tell. Kent Bradly describes feeling totally lonely and helpless with no control of bodily functions. The following Wall Street Journal article vividly details these early trials and tribulations. I learned quite a bit of interesting comparisons at the following link,

More recently when two Texas nurses were cured of Ebola, I noticed no signs of emotional or physical trauma as they celebrated being cured, one even with the help of a hug from the President. Now with Dr. Felix Sarria's even better care, you wouldn't know he had the same disease Kent Bradly had. His Fever never got above 100 degrees, the medications he took made sure of that. When he arrived in Switzerland for treatment he walked off the plane himself instead of on a stretcher. He had expressed optimism, and maintained email and phone contact with his wife. Somehow no one noted that today is an entirely different scenario than three months ago at least at high-tech facilities.
Continued @ the following links, 


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Friday, September 19, 2014

Exhausted Healthcare Workers Fighting Ebola in Africa Desperately Need Human Help, Only Little Cuba is Listening

The survival rate for Ebola patients can reach almost 50% with simple things like constantly monitored Ivs. However, with already exhausted nurses and doctors the survival rate is far less. Those treating an infected sick friend and fellow worker seem to have a knack for catching it.

Cuba's fresh teams of medical workers are more than handy. A sick nurse or doctor should not be treated by a friend, especially if the friend is exhausted. Being sent to a Cuban team would be ideal,
A coordinated approach is needed in other ways as well.

It is a mistake to think the US will be ravaged with Ebola, unless the US does something stupid like putting the Tea Party in charge. However, the Nigerian economy has all but collapsed from lack of transportation and trade due to Ebola. In a sudden decrease in trade and travel effecting the world economy, including the US, far fewer in this country will vote Democrat or Republican. So far the far-right has been more on the ball than the left.

An Ebola epidemic in this country could be stopped in its tracks with free medical care and paid sick leave for all flu-like symptoms, including undocumented immigrants but politics might get in the way. An undocumented worker checked for Ebola, found clean, then deported would cause immigrants to hide or be less talkative, spreading Ebola around this country. Any degree of an Ebola epidemic would devastate the US economy.

Lack of health care in general is also behind the Ebola epidemic in Africa. Malaria is ravaging the place. Many with flu-like systems are actually hiding from the medical police. Because of the malaria locals are dumping, DDT (banned by most of world) piecemeal. If instead there was professional spraying far less DDT would enter the food chain in the long run. If when someone turned themselves in for flu-like conditions if they had malaria or something else which would be aggressively treated plus a big bag of rice for the entire family, people with a flu-condition would stop trying to hide. The following link is a snapshot of what we are facing which will not be solved by the US placing high-tech around,

I remember when the Left used to praise Cuba, perhaps we must start doing this again for our own countries survival.

Blood from Ebola survivors has been given to new Ebola victims with some positive result. It has been tried several times before and is certainly no miracle. However, clearly being cured of Ebola offers some protection against getting it again. Some in West Africa are apparently also immune, though why is not certain,

Ebola survivors can work without all the gloves and masks. However, they would have to wait 14 days in isolation before coming out to the outside world again. This is something an exhausted Doctors Without Borders clinic couldn't deal with. Cuba could implement this if one or two US survivors would join them and soon perhaps many of the more than 200 survivor in Sierra Leone get jobs working with Ebola treatment centers. Ordinary West Africans might be hired as well. At the moment selling survivors blood is a nasty black market with the donor getting very little of the money. Working with or near patients plus a little money for donating blood could become institutionalized. At the present we just have massive profits for a few and massive dumping of DDT over a limited area. West African medical personnel with experience in past Ebola outbreaks are working in Liberia, in conjunction with the few American volunteers, not where the Cubans are in Sierra Leone. A coordinated approach, including the Cubans would help enormously,

The US working with Cuba is real national security both against our disease enemies like Ebola and our human ones like al Qaeda and ISIS.

See, how Ebola can inspire Free Health Care in the US now,
I have been unsuccessfully trying to submit this to Progeso and Progressive publications, but submit buttons are are hard to find I hope for help from readers.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Ebola can lead to Free or Affordable Healthcare for all Americans, One Way or Another

If a flu-like spreading disaster like Ebola came to America, routine paid sick leave, paid time-off to take care of a relative especially child of to see a doctor will be the norm. As more and more people and goods quickly travel the globe health care for spreadable disease can only stay uncoordinated to all our chagrin.

This article continues at ReaderSupportedNews where comments don't close like on other site where discussion whether it was moral to choose at first only Americans and a British nurse for new lifesaving medicine can continue,

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Almost Magical Ways to cut gun violence and other hurtful acts

I doubt if I will convince many to agree with me (Gaia philosophy) in tending to believe that the Earth or earth-life connective is one organism, and we are all part of this good. So just say I found an almost magical way to cut gun violence and other behavior that many want to see changed.

When we pass laws. in the spirit of trying to stop good people from getting hurt, the compliance is much higher then when you dwell on trying to get bad people to comply. More and more people fasten their seat-belts including those with big tempers or drug induced desperation try to rob a bank. Trying to stop good people from getting lung cancer also cuts down on those with tempers getting lung cancer. Small punishments repeated, but not increased for repeat offenders, along with gross commercials showing tobacco or car accident harm cut tobacco deaths; no smoking areas for all, including the boss and police personnel.

Speed or methamphetamine is usually classified as something bad people do as with crack or heroin. But in Montana a lot of rich kids from powerful families began to get their lives and the lives of their families messed up with speed, so anti-speed commercials were created that have spread throughout the rest of the country,

Australia when it banned automatic weapons, unlike the US decided to take the guns back from good folk paying close to twice the original purchase price for their loss, drastically reducing automatic gun violence.

If one stops trying to take guns away from evil gun owners and instead think of ways to try to stop good folk from hurting sometimes inadvertently themselves and others one would notice that instead of a gun as part of the comprehensive security package those who mostly get in trouble see a gun as a means of instant security or feeling important, which is a rather dangerous attitude to have. Ads countering this attitude would cut down on gun death. Ads countering this feeling of instant worth or importance would cut down on gun deaths, even NRA officials might be talking in an ad warning that a gun isn’t a type of magic wand. The way I see it (unlike New Age that avoids unhappy thoughts) is that we are all corpuscles or other pieces of a good Gaia who only has wars between its cells to develop the ability to blast or push the asteroids away from creating so far more than a dozen near extinctions of earth life.

Ignore my religious, thought to be pseudo-science, mumblings if you like, but remember chasing after or trying to alter the good is more productive than trying to punish the bad into submission.

By Richard Kane,

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vietnam, Woodstock, Iraq Protests, and now Decarcerate PA

The peace movement has grown old and gray, except for an on-again off-again Libertarian touch.

Several hundred people gathered in Love Party May 21, enthusiastically waited for the too many speakers to finish, and then began marching to the art museum, the first leg of the march toward a Noon June 3 rally in Harrisburg. They forgot a bus to follow along to pick up us old folk who have trouble keeping up. The march seems to really think people are going to march all the way instead of people taking turns marching while others are in a car. The only rides being offered are to those who want to come to the June 3 Harrisburg rally.

To Decarcerate, as the opposite of to Incarcerate, as in Decarcerate PA, and Decarcerate Illinois, is not the term used in most of the country for decreasing the number of people in prison, instead of closing many schools and public programs. A 1985 article I find very persuasive but again the article was only from Illinois,

Some people think you should have a right not to wear a seat belt, motorcycle helmet or have a gun, I am not impressed. However prohibition empowered organized crime. Cell phones while driving is a real disaster. Walking while on the phone has caused some to fall as of late. But I don't think banning all cell phones is the answer, banning some people from using them is worse. No smoking areas work because the cops and boss can't smoke there as well. Think of the tension in an office if only the salaried employees were forbidden to smoke. If the US really wanted to get guns or certain guns off the street, besides seizing them, top dollar would be offered for illegal guns turned in, like Australia did with automatics.

In the spirit of making good people change their practices, seat belt laws were passed and with nagging pressure they are more and more often worn. In the spirit of stopping good people from getting cancer gruesome stop smoking commercials were made. In Wisconsin a lot of rich families were plagued with speed or methamphetamine, so grotesque anti-speed ads were made and has spread to elsewhere The AAA with the attitude of getting good people to stop getting liver disease can get results. Illegal immigrants and illegal gun owners probably wear seat belts as much as the rest of us. Stop trying to argue about who are the bad guys is the first step to to actually solving our problems.

When people are in jail the reported crime rate go down because robbing, muggings are rapes are off the books when they occur in prison.

Anyway the longer I continue the more I am talking for myself not the Decarcerate PA movement. The letters sent to the Philadelphia Inquirer just complain about Philadelphia Mayor Nutter's Three Strikes and You are Out Gun Control efforts,

Philadelphia is now in a feud with the state whether it can outlaw guns in the city parks. The state threatening hefty fines if it does. A perfect chance to consider an unlocked gun in the park being similar to an unlocked seat belt in a car. If someone has an unlocked gun in the park they pay a $10 fine or $100 if the fine is not payed in a week or a lengthy report promptly sent on each incident and their justifications. If a hoodlum thinks a witness might talk it would be easier to report it themselves and pay the fine than terrorize the witness to discourage them from talking.

To change the subject nothing else to lose is an important factor we somehow have to deal with. Tamerlan Tsarnaev who bombed the Boston Marathon is suspected of having killed 3 people in 2011, Adam Lanza was dangerous thin while playing Call of Duty day and night, he could of even been mad at his mother from distracting him with food. Whatever the reason he had nothing else to lose by continuing his rampage. On non-murders one week in jail vs a couple of years is more of a deterrent, than 20 years vs life without parole.

Success with no smoking areas were even the boss can't smoke intrigues me to try to use it to succeed elsewhere.

If the cops had fingerprint locking gun hostlers there would be far fewer incidents where it was claimed the suspect tried to grab the officer's gun, and the police would be more relaxed instead of looking over their shoulders worrying about who might try to steal the gunn. Any gun not carefully secured is an invalidation for a thief to try to steal. Just think if the laws on keeping guns locked up were were written right even a mugger would keep his gun in a locked duffel bag while robbing old ladies, rather than face far greater punishment hoping to get his gun quickly out of the duffel bag if the mugger faced an armed threat. Meanwhile no more elderly victims shot just because a car back fired near by.

Libertarians are still coming to the anti-drone rallies. But sadly when I went to the East Coast gun rally that morning by the Liberty Bell, the only one who welcomed me was a man who thinks the Second Amendment even gives citizens the right to own an atomic bomb if they wanted one.

More detail at,
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The word “Reasonable” has been hijacked by extremists as in “Reasonable gun laws”

There are a lot of efforts to legislate social change, seat belt laws the most successful through small fines that don’t increase whether or not one is a first time offender or not.

In other areas gruesome ads rather than harsh punishment like someone losing or not getting a job because they smoke cigarettes or jailing adults who bought tobacco for a child has been the most effective in lowering lung cancer. In Wisconsin gruesome ads against speed or methamphetamine has been quite effective.

The first attempt as a reasonable gun law might be a $10 fine for carrying a gun in the city park, and $100 if the fine isn't payed by 10 days after the incident occurred. When it comes to rough characters who fear a witness snitching they would most likely surprise the authorities with an unrequested fine payment rather then invest a lot more than $10 worth of effort in trying to make sure the witness remained silent. Neighbors who complain about guns could still expect some retaliation, but far less danger of being terrorized. Philadelphia may face a law suite over banning public guns, a ten dollar law would be easier to win and less of a fine if the city lost in a lawsuit. There is a lot more but I might rune it by saying too much. No smoking areas are unique in that both the boss and the cops can't smoke there either. Perhaps all guns should be required to be kept locked up, if police officers had their guns in finger-locking holsters, there would be far less people dreaming of seizing an officer's gun and far less police shootings reported as the suspect tried to grab the officer's gun.

Prison overcrowding has finely started to come down, with less three strikes convictions, and less long term incarceration over marijuana, and less excitement against terrorism, since the nasty porn flick insulting Islam, Innocence of the Muslims alerted many into realizing that baiting trouble in the name of warning against it is going on.

Don't let gun laws refuel the prison-industrial-complex toward continuing to head this country in the direction of eventually most of people in America being in the prison probation system.

Instead of arguing whether guns are good or good in certain instances let's unite against throw away the key attempted solutions to our human problems.

This Saturday May 25 there will be two very large events in Philadelphia

There will be a rally for gun rights 11 am at the Liberty Bell and not far away at noon in Love Park a rally for Decarceration instead of endlessly new incarcerations marching to the Art Museum and the hearty on to Harrisburg, seeing these events as contradictory will make what promises to be a huge by recent standards human rights rally seem small. But seeing the two rallies as complimentary events will make the recent return to activism seem huge, and prevent many new unwilling recruits to the prison-industrial-complex pipeline end up not happening,

by Richard Kane, retired in Philly PA
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