Saturday, June 20, 2020

Camden Miracle Must be Repeated

As tensions rose following the death of George Floyd, suddenly the news switched to Camden, New Jersey police Chief Joe Wesocki carrying a protest sign at the head of the local protest from Yolanda Deaver’s Hair Salon to the police station.

This inspired copycat events across the country, mostly police officials and one sheriff joining the protesters kneeling for eight minutes 46 seconds. The warm feelings sometimes ended up mired by teargas and looting. The Camden Miracle actually had roots back in 2012, when in a massive corruption and crime scandal, the entire Camden Police Department was disbanded while the county and state police temporary took over police functions. The new police department built up from scratch was a community bases model, as the crime rate went down drastically. In part, the march was a celebration of Camden being different.

Then came calls in many cities to de-fund, disband, or replace the police department with community policing, so Camden with its huge community policing success was again in the spotlight.

Now for the miracle that may be about to happen.

Tulsa Oklahoma's new police chief Wendell Franklin firmly believes in de-escalating tensions. During the Tulsa George Floyd protests. under his direction, the police line slowly backed  off. One agitator was persistent at throwing projectiles at the police, until he was ambushed with teargas and a pepper bomb, but no arrests.

The Oklahoma National Guard was called in to assist without any lethal weapons on them. President Trump and especially right-wing agitators are baiting for trouble while some left wing ones feel obliged to assist.

It’s not over until it’s over. But one possible outcome might be another peace miracle.

Original Camden story,
Camden Salon Owner sparks protest heard round the nation Obama included

Virtual town hall Tulsa police chief ayorWendell Franklin talks protests George Floyd video and being
More recent update, So far no negative feedback from President Trump,
In Washington DC the mayor told Trump to go back to his bunker.
For Tulsa, I am hoping that President Trump will demand that the Oklahoma National Guard clear the highway and they will refuse sice they are under the authority of the police chief and mayor who told them not to.

Sadly I fell for the press release only the reluctance to put people in jail in Tulsa is real. However there is still an urgent need to learn from Camden
Now the Seattle autonomous zone is getting heated as the President dreams of copying Eisenhower’s sending the troops without the state’s permission.

Seattle will move to dismantle:

Perhaps two or three police officers could drift back into the closed police station along with mental health workers, deescalation experts, and perhaps a few agile social workers for a future joint response instead of only a police response to future emergencies there.
By Richard Kane,,

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

COVID-19, Dream of a Silver Lining

After every war there is a dream of the world getting together to solve its’ problems in a peaceful way, from the League of Nations then later the UN.  Today mass communications alert the world almost simultaneously and we can seek changes just as fast. Gary Davis tried to create a One Word Citizen movement even before World War II ended, Perhaps we can start to prepare for a better world even as the present disaster unfolds.

This coronavirus bad news like a world war. But it also has elements of good news in it. The young are spared. When it comes to contagious diseases in those parts of the world with extremely limited health care, people at risk such as with diabetes haven’t had the treatment they needed, so aren’t facing with a disaster now. Some people become cured very quickly and we are about to discover can work with the sick without as much protection.

The US will soon learn to approve drugs and procedures based on the world not just US sponsored studies. Trump praises an anti-Malaria drug, but the hardest hit part of Italy praises the Cuba sponsored drug, Interferon Alpha 2B, and the Cuban doctors who come to help out. Brazil is begging the Cuban doctors to return that it’s strongman, Bolsonaro had kicked out. We suddenly realize that when it comes to contagious healthcare, we all should get it, undocumented immigrants and the homeless included. Crowded prison is a poor way to treat those who misbehave so Iran is leading the world in releasing many of them.

Already jingoism around the world is being less proselytized. Let’s spread the dream now of the better world that might yet come. Perhaps doing so now will make it more likely.

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Chickens Coming Home to Roost, Now Includes the Saudis, and Trump’s Threat to Democracy

Chickens Coming Home to Roost, Now Includes the Saudis, and Trump’s Threat to Democracy By Richard Kane  
Move Over Deep State 
 There is a powerful Feedback Loop that is expanding between the Saudi Crown Prince, Netanyahu and Trump. Erik Prince and his Blackwater mercenaries were a chief go-between, seized and tortured disobedient Saudi family members, the kind that past Saudi rulers had to consult with. It is amazing how much the feedback loop has betrayed US and Israeli tradition. An ominously grim, possible scenario, is that concepts like the US Deep State will need to be modified. The insidious Netanyahu Saudi Cartel is Trying to Rule the World In the US we fixate on Trump, in Israel they fixate on Netanyahu, but we miss the importance of the entire alliance including the Saudi Crown Prince. Back and forth influence pedaling -- Oil prices temporary low so Trump can brag about the economy -- US decisions to make Netanyahu look good – Countering that what is called breaking the rules and corruption to be actually good for the country and the economy. Eric Prince, who is no longer BLACKWATER, is the chief go-between. Supposedly in the Mueller Repor,  he helped Russia interfere in the US election, but the documents cited actually show him getting together with Donald Trump Jr., the Saudis, United Arab Emirate to meet with Russians to try to get Putin to coordinate with them to try to get Trump elected, google, “Donald Trump Jr met Gulf states emissary offering election help the Guardian” (The Guardian is a British Newspaper). The Cartel keeps getting stronger, Google "Israeli, Saudi, and Emirati Officials Privately Pushed for Trump to Strike a 'Grand Bargain' with Putin" In 2017, Blackwater helped, the Saudi Crown Prince seize absolute power. But recently it wasn’t that noted that Jamal Khashoggi was a member of the Saudi elite not just an assassinated news correspondent, making the Crown Prince’s authority not to be crossed, both home and abroad, US and Israeli policy is constantly being twisted to help both stay in office and to not be punished for corruption. The supporters for both believe the corruption charges against their head of state is just dirty politics, It is amazing how much both have been resisting corruption that would have gotten any other politician out of office long ago. There are many other uncanny similarities between them. Googling “Uncanny similarities between Trump and Netanyahu” would get dozens of similarities, it’s worth seeing. Since Netanyahu was first investigated for corruption December 2016, looking at him may preview some of the future twists and turns in trying to stop Trump. Many though Netanyahu indicted for corruption would end his political career but now the appeals and counter appeals could drag on for years, with even more elections without forming a working government. Trump pushed Democrats toward impeachment over Ukraine by at first claiming he will not turn over documents or allow government officials to testify, because Impeachment wasn’t official. Ukraine is not the clearest issue to Impeach Trump with. Trump is a con-genius, and an expert at extending a shallow economic bubble skillfully trying to make sure it doesn’t pop before the next election. He also keeps hinting that some of his sightly out control supporters might resort to violence. He never denounced a supporter who sent letter bombs in the mail after attending Trump rallies, with a van plastered with pictures of Democratic politicians with a bull's-eye at their heads. Enticing violence is the type of impeachment that might lead to conviction especially if digging finds a smoking gun. Or at least could make Trump not re-electable. Otherwise, Trump, Netanyahu, plus the Crown Prince form a dangerous brew


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Trump manipulates his followers, but more ominously the rest of us as well

Trump is an incredibly skilled manipulator and con-artist. His shallow economic bubble gave needed minority members a half a job and who don’t blame him for the things they want and need being more expensive. Pretending there is no global warming to put funds into the economic bubble instead.

When the House tried to get witnesses and documents to investigate the whistle-blowers complaint, Trump cried fowl because there was no impeachment, and every other time someone backs down Trump is articular in shouting, unfair. for not giving in even more. As the House Impeaches, the President is compromising toward the bills the Democrats want.

I can only, think of some slight solutions. Praise and help Justin Amash, once the only Republican House Member for Impeachment, in his re-election fight as an Independent. Praise and aid Conservatives who oppose Trump, maybe subscribe to Christianity Today a publication Trump is condemning. Give to Tusi Gabard’s Presidential bid, who is trying to bring the country together, voted present on Impeachment to protest the partisan fight. Push for a Never-Trumper as the Democratic VP.

Unless non-Conservatives who are trying to stop Trump start giving heavy praise to Conservatives who oppose Trump, Trump will outlast any attempt to stop him. “Google, “Everything Trump Touches Dies:
 Click and spread around,

Backgrond link,

Its getting late and time to sleep I hope when I wake up some in the morning Trump’s name and picture is not on the currency, flag and other national paraphernalia.

One thing that would really help is writing material that would tend to bridge the political divide

 Here is an example.


Hillary when she was competing with Obama for the Democratic nomination said she wanted abortions to be safe, legal and rare. I wish she would remember she wanted abortions to be rare

Philadelphia is fighting to get its own gun laws to combat gun deaths. Already one can drive over a bridge to nearby Camden. New Jersey and discover you are a criminal by having a gun in your glove compartment.  Every jurisdiction wants its own own phoning and texting while driving laws while putting a few worse case examples in jail. President Trump puts judges on the Supreme Court who favor the corporations and more opportunities for the rich to get richer, promising some day that each state will get the right to pass its own abortion laws.

This is not the road to less traffic deaths, less gun deaths or less abortion, especially since Trump attacking food-stamps puts financially desperate women more and more in a corner, and someone with an unregistered gun is afraid to call the police after hearing a robber breaking

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Touch of Americana, Philadelphia needs mediator David Oh to stay in Office

Philadelphia needs to keep a moderate Republican who often acts as a mediator, David Oh to stay on City Council, to continue to have one of the city council slots reserved for a non-Democrat. David Oh is constantly trying to solve problems rather than take part in a left vs right blame debate. Over and over again shrill politics has squeezed out liberal and moderate politicians around the country, back to the 1988 Obama landslide which swept liberal Connecticut Senator Lowell Weicker out of office, the winner Joe Lieberman gave Obama much grief and as he grew more conservative became an early supporter of Trump. Perhaps with David Oh this could possible be the last straw, perhaps a chance to change the politics of this country back to sanity.

The “Working Families Party” has come down from New York where it is a Democratic fission Party. to kick Republicans out of Philadelphia City Hall, where two of the at-large winners can’t be Democrats. They are claiming in their brochure that they’re going to kick Trump Republicans out of City Hall. But no Trump Republican is in office. Thanks to the squeeze, this is likely to change.

David Oh was removed by the Republican Machine in the primary election suggested ballot, but managed to come in 5th anyway. Matt Wolfe who almost tied with union boss Al Taubenberger who is currently on City Council, for 2nd with a 151 vote difference, challenged the other Republican candidates to totally support Trump and Dan Tinney the primary top vote-getter is on the board of a charter school and his talking points on Crime and Immigration are in line with Trump. So likely conservative constituents will in the future crowd City Hall hearings, claiming Democrats are evil and pro-crime, like now happens in much of the rest of the country. Even if the Working Families Party (WFP) manages to get one seat their dream of reining in Charter Schools will be dashed. City Council meetings will be shouting matches without David Oh’s sober, calming, “let’s get down to business” influence.

I urge a unified slate for the best five City Council at-large candidates, David Oh, WFP candidates Pastor Nicolas V. O'Rourke who has a successful intervention program working with victims to stop tit-for-tat gang revenge violence, WFP candidate Kendra Brooks who Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren endorsed, Helen Gym who is already very popular, and the other progressive Democratic nominee Isaiah Thomas who won’t win unless progressives pay attention. A unified complete slate with David Oh rather than slandering him would be quite appealing.

I urge Elizabeth Warren to also endorse reasonable bipartisanship, thus also endorse David Oh, letting anti-Trump Republicans know they won’t be out on the cold if she becomes President. Many traditional Republican voters disgusted with what Trump did to the Republican Party will have trouble seeing enough hope for the future to stay involved with politics. People around the country giving a good word for David Oh will remind them of the country we once had before polarized hate began to take over. Tuesday November 5, straightening up Philadelphia could become the first step in straightening up America.

I urge that all Democratic organizations around the country find one non-Democrat in some office to endorse. Let’s stand up to the Trumpified polarized world not just Trump.

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Friday, September 20, 2019

From Green Child Activist Greta Thunberg to Renee Juliene Karunungan or Scapegoating Venezuela

A warm feeling of hope grips us as young climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks before Congress and the world. Somehow it even reminds me of my ancient desire to get to Woodstock, But another young activist Renee Juliene Karunungan faces death threats, in dire danger if she every returns to her native Philippines. Over 100 climate activist have been killed in right-wing governed countries so far this year, Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala have recently become right-wing as the people and the environment suffers.

The Brazilian rain forest is being burnt to the ground as Brazilian strong man Jair Bolsonaro tells Europe “No” on their strings attached aid.

Most of us want to blame Trump for all of this, me included. But somehow all of Europe and Canada joined Trump in interfering in Venezuela instead of in Brazil. Nicolás Maduro the President of Venezuela is far less of a strong man then Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil. And Venezuela is not threatening the ability of all of us to breeze.

Trump’s throw away the future in return for a quickly economic bubble and an exuberating, “We are Number 1, Meth Like High”, can be stopped a lot easier if we would also stand up to his smears of Venezuela and Iran.

The Democratic debates were disappointing on Venezuela and Iran. I hope the Green Parties around the world, and world-wide environmental movements push for the West leaving Iran and Venezuela alone, instead putting pressure on countries like Brazil.
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