Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preempt the Social Security Spat, Fight Against an Expensive Plane, an Overseas Base and the Cuban Embargo

Dont forget the huge military budget

Dealing with other issues first is the way out of the Social Security fight

Now is the time to demand foreign policy cuts to avoid deadlock on domestic ones.

There was some dramatic change this election. Don’t let it get eclipsed by dealing with Social Security first, Orthodox Jews used to be Republican, Miami Cubans used to vote to punish the Castro brothers, Islamophobes lost big, people used think they were warning of danger, suddenly wonder if they were baiting and causing trouble, the Prophet Mohammad as a porn film star is clearly begging for trouble. Those who thought gay marriage and pot would destroy country used to vote without fail.

The big question is where do we place the eight Ron Paul Republicans in the house who also cheered their more than expected victories this year who tend to agree with peace advocates on foreign policy issues.

The Council for a Livable World is used to more often losing, were overjoyed this year. But they failed to elect Shelley Barkley of Nevada who despite several votes the Council approved of didn’t call herself a dove, instead bragged about getting the Democratic convention to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, or to elect Richard Carmona, of Arizona ,who lost to Jeff Flake who happens to be the US Senator most opposed to the embargo against Cuba. I think peace won more then the peace voting lists claim.

Instead of arguing about Medicare, Congress could end the boycott of Cuba giving Americans a safe place to stretch their Social Security checks, some already retire in dangerous Mexico. Ending boycotts instantly creates jobs and tax revenue.

Its claimed people now care more about domestic issues. However, if we dwell on foreign policy first insist on closing one foreign base and one expensive fighter plane Obama might close one where we might be about to be kicked out anyway, or a plane who didn’t really want anyway. Kyrgyzstan would actually do the US a big favor by not renewing the lease on the $600 Million refueling station, as they seem to be determined to do. It is no longer called a base in response to local sensibilities. It is not impossible that we might offer a huge rent increase again, less likely if there is a corresponding demand on the part of the American people to end I,


Even if there is only symbolic victories, it will heavily influence the arguments next year as Americans start remembering again how much of its budget goes to war related expense.

Some may say this article is flawed, why don’t we just demand that US troops come home from Afghanistan now one of the biggest budget saving suggestions. However those we fight with, don’t long to have the US peace movement do well, even where not al Qaeda influenced, don’t work with the US peace movement like North Vietnam did, with exception of Americans coming over there to protest the drone war. Cuba will make at least cosmetic changes with a forced embargo vote to help make the US peace movement look good. Ending the embargo on Cuba would be a quick, satisfying and build confidence for the future. Nevertheless if we wait for US personal in Afghanistan to wonder if their next paycheck would bounce to get out of Afghanistan it could be extremely confusing and chaotic.

An Ominous point, the US strong-armed 600 million dollar from a Dutch bank for bypassing US sanctions on Cuba and Iran,


No one in the world thinks the US has a right to any money over trading with Cuba. To the rest on the world it is theft or humoring a good customer. Though there is more agreement when it comes to Iran. There is no gold or even stacks of 20 dollar bills sitting anywhere representing who owns what, playing around with currency to punish Cuba, or even Iran could lead to currency confusion as the world breaks into a brawl arguing over who owns what. If two little kids start making million dollar bets with each other it might get in the way of lending some money for a candy bar and expecting it back the next day. If chaos hits, that Dutch Bank might stop humoring the US and seize any US accounts in their bank to get there money back. None of us knows exactly how much debt the world can endure without insolvency. But currency manipulation for the sake of punishment, of Cuba or Iran make the possibility of all out financial confusion that much sooner.

I am sure I got the details wrong but not the general seriousness of boycotts in relation to insolvency,

Council for a Livable World! Change your lose in Arizona to a victory by getting on the cause of ending the embargo of Cuba right now! Jeff Flake submit some new legislation to end the embargo! School of America Watch get moving on Cuba! IFCO work harder at ending the embargo not just defying it!

Elsewhere in the world people celebrate the victory of Chavez, or Aung San Suu Kyi, I had only sadness after McGovern ran for President and other peace candidate struggles. Today I celebrate, if I get others to join me there will be a lot more to celebrate in the future.

On January 14, symbolic change will happen in Cuba, Cubans will no longer need an exit permit for foreign travel, let’s make sure the US embargo ends on that date as well,



On January 20 the 609 seat Cuban Assembly will have elections I have a fantastic idea changing it to 612 seats with three seats for overseas Cubans for the three top overseas vote-getters each overseas Cuban getting one vote with the three top vote getters seated in the Cuban Assembly, so US Cubans can demand the US set up diplomatic relations for an embassy in Washington and a consulate in New Jersey and Miami.

If Cuba and the US suddenly work together we can suddenly have a better world.

A new world was started November 6, 2012 as soon as we notice.

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By Richard Kane
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cheering is not enough, Push Congress to vote for policy changes this Lame Duck Session

There were some dramatic shifts this November. Instead of waiting for the Social Security fight next year, let's make changes the victors tend to agree on this year. Suddenly fewer people think pot and gay marriage will destroy us, Islam haters lost big. Maybe the unintended consequences of that movie insulting Islam, is the new belief that Islamophobes are baiting trouble not warning about it. Dramatic shift in the Orthodox Jewish community who had a habit of voting Republican.

Cuban-Americas voted for Obama or almost did depending on which exit poll is believed, and booted out two hardliners. Peace candidates, or more accurately Council for Liveable World supported candidates won most of its contested races. The one group calling themselves Conservatives who were cheering the general election outcome were the eight Ron Paul supported candidates in the House.

If we dwell on trade issues like ending the embargo of Cuba, and a more peaceful cheaper foreign policy, the Ron Paul people will be on the same side as the other victors.


We don't need an expensive F 15, a cold war weapon, we can close a US base in Germany or Japan, or if such a Congressional vote loses it still will change the parameters of next years cuts debate. If we manage to end the Cuban embargo this year, just ending boycotts and embargoes creates US jobs, builds tax revenue and since some people retire to crime ridden Mexico to stretch there Social Security check, many more could instead retire to crime free Cuba cutting the Medicare shortfall.

Some young folk might not even realize that there is a blockade of Cuba, and that Americans once were very mad that their government would tell them where they couldn't travel. The exit polls differed on whether most Cuban-Americans voted for Obama. I wonder if some exit polls were more private, such as checking a box instead of speaking into a microphone while other people were near by and elderly Cuban-Americans might have been afraid to offend her friends who they thought were still pro-embargo, and thus made a real point to avoid speaking in an exit poll. Maybe someone could pay for stories of people who avoided the poll taker providing they have a friend who they already confided in that they did so.

I have an incredible thought, to me peace won, even where the peace candidate lost. The Council for a Liveable World won every hotly contested Senate races but two. To me, Shelley Barkley of Nevada is no peace candidate and didn'f call herself one, she wrote the shrill resolution at the Democratic Convention on Jerusalem,

Where the candidates arguments concerned peace peace won,
Richard Carmona of Arizona lost to the top opponent of the Cuban embargo in the US Senate. Carmona had the support of local Latins, but peace with Cuba won at that point not the Black-Latin coalition.

But we better watch out, we don't pay attention but al Qaeda is convinced that the West will collapse, and is trying to make it happen with their help sooner, such as placing explosive-laden people on airplanes that could have even been a dud so as not to risk a resuming the draft, a far cheaper way to fight. No one seemed to wonder why bin Laden's notes said he was planning to derail trains. Derailing trains would hurt the US economy without encouraging a draft. They will be suddenly very disappointed and angry if it looks like the dollar may not collapse after all. In their eyes those who borrow like crazy like the West does must suffer destruction for it. Let’s prove al Qaeda wrong by straightening up in a hurry.

Anyway Cuba can be counted on to make positive changes if a Congressional vote to end the embargo gets voted on this lame duck session. People in Afghanistan could care less about making US peace-activists look good.

If we wait until our soldiers have to wonder if their next paycheck will be on time, to leave Afghanistan, it could be confusion and chaos.

Britain is still around, two centuries after the US revolution, the US, with the proper compromises aught be around in another 200 years as well.

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