Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preempt the Social Security Spat, Fight Against an Expensive Plane, an Overseas Base and the Cuban Embargo

Dont forget the huge military budget

Dealing with other issues first is the way out of the Social Security fight

Now is the time to demand foreign policy cuts to avoid deadlock on domestic ones.

There was some dramatic change this election. Don’t let it get eclipsed by dealing with Social Security first, Orthodox Jews used to be Republican, Miami Cubans used to vote to punish the Castro brothers, Islamophobes lost big, people used think they were warning of danger, suddenly wonder if they were baiting and causing trouble, the Prophet Mohammad as a porn film star is clearly begging for trouble. Those who thought gay marriage and pot would destroy country used to vote without fail.

The big question is where do we place the eight Ron Paul Republicans in the house who also cheered their more than expected victories this year who tend to agree with peace advocates on foreign policy issues.

The Council for a Livable World is used to more often losing, were overjoyed this year. But they failed to elect Shelley Barkley of Nevada who despite several votes the Council approved of didn’t call herself a dove, instead bragged about getting the Democratic convention to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, or to elect Richard Carmona, of Arizona ,who lost to Jeff Flake who happens to be the US Senator most opposed to the embargo against Cuba. I think peace won more then the peace voting lists claim.

Instead of arguing about Medicare, Congress could end the boycott of Cuba giving Americans a safe place to stretch their Social Security checks, some already retire in dangerous Mexico. Ending boycotts instantly creates jobs and tax revenue.

Its claimed people now care more about domestic issues. However, if we dwell on foreign policy first insist on closing one foreign base and one expensive fighter plane Obama might close one where we might be about to be kicked out anyway, or a plane who didn’t really want anyway. Kyrgyzstan would actually do the US a big favor by not renewing the lease on the $600 Million refueling station, as they seem to be determined to do. It is no longer called a base in response to local sensibilities. It is not impossible that we might offer a huge rent increase again, less likely if there is a corresponding demand on the part of the American people to end I,


Even if there is only symbolic victories, it will heavily influence the arguments next year as Americans start remembering again how much of its budget goes to war related expense.

Some may say this article is flawed, why don’t we just demand that US troops come home from Afghanistan now one of the biggest budget saving suggestions. However those we fight with, don’t long to have the US peace movement do well, even where not al Qaeda influenced, don’t work with the US peace movement like North Vietnam did, with exception of Americans coming over there to protest the drone war. Cuba will make at least cosmetic changes with a forced embargo vote to help make the US peace movement look good. Ending the embargo on Cuba would be a quick, satisfying and build confidence for the future. Nevertheless if we wait for US personal in Afghanistan to wonder if their next paycheck would bounce to get out of Afghanistan it could be extremely confusing and chaotic.

An Ominous point, the US strong-armed 600 million dollar from a Dutch bank for bypassing US sanctions on Cuba and Iran,


No one in the world thinks the US has a right to any money over trading with Cuba. To the rest on the world it is theft or humoring a good customer. Though there is more agreement when it comes to Iran. There is no gold or even stacks of 20 dollar bills sitting anywhere representing who owns what, playing around with currency to punish Cuba, or even Iran could lead to currency confusion as the world breaks into a brawl arguing over who owns what. If two little kids start making million dollar bets with each other it might get in the way of lending some money for a candy bar and expecting it back the next day. If chaos hits, that Dutch Bank might stop humoring the US and seize any US accounts in their bank to get there money back. None of us knows exactly how much debt the world can endure without insolvency. But currency manipulation for the sake of punishment, of Cuba or Iran make the possibility of all out financial confusion that much sooner.

I am sure I got the details wrong but not the general seriousness of boycotts in relation to insolvency,

Council for a Livable World! Change your lose in Arizona to a victory by getting on the cause of ending the embargo of Cuba right now! Jeff Flake submit some new legislation to end the embargo! School of America Watch get moving on Cuba! IFCO work harder at ending the embargo not just defying it!

Elsewhere in the world people celebrate the victory of Chavez, or Aung San Suu Kyi, I had only sadness after McGovern ran for President and other peace candidate struggles. Today I celebrate, if I get others to join me there will be a lot more to celebrate in the future.

On January 14, symbolic change will happen in Cuba, Cubans will no longer need an exit permit for foreign travel, let’s make sure the US embargo ends on that date as well,



On January 20 the 609 seat Cuban Assembly will have elections I have a fantastic idea changing it to 612 seats with three seats for overseas Cubans for the three top overseas vote-getters each overseas Cuban getting one vote with the three top vote getters seated in the Cuban Assembly, so US Cubans can demand the US set up diplomatic relations for an embassy in Washington and a consulate in New Jersey and Miami.

If Cuba and the US suddenly work together we can suddenly have a better world.

A new world was started November 6, 2012 as soon as we notice.

Handy links on Cuban Embargo



By Richard Kane
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cheering is not enough, Push Congress to vote for policy changes this Lame Duck Session

There were some dramatic shifts this November. Instead of waiting for the Social Security fight next year, let's make changes the victors tend to agree on this year. Suddenly fewer people think pot and gay marriage will destroy us, Islam haters lost big. Maybe the unintended consequences of that movie insulting Islam, is the new belief that Islamophobes are baiting trouble not warning about it. Dramatic shift in the Orthodox Jewish community who had a habit of voting Republican.

Cuban-Americas voted for Obama or almost did depending on which exit poll is believed, and booted out two hardliners. Peace candidates, or more accurately Council for Liveable World supported candidates won most of its contested races. The one group calling themselves Conservatives who were cheering the general election outcome were the eight Ron Paul supported candidates in the House.

If we dwell on trade issues like ending the embargo of Cuba, and a more peaceful cheaper foreign policy, the Ron Paul people will be on the same side as the other victors.


We don't need an expensive F 15, a cold war weapon, we can close a US base in Germany or Japan, or if such a Congressional vote loses it still will change the parameters of next years cuts debate. If we manage to end the Cuban embargo this year, just ending boycotts and embargoes creates US jobs, builds tax revenue and since some people retire to crime ridden Mexico to stretch there Social Security check, many more could instead retire to crime free Cuba cutting the Medicare shortfall.

Some young folk might not even realize that there is a blockade of Cuba, and that Americans once were very mad that their government would tell them where they couldn't travel. The exit polls differed on whether most Cuban-Americans voted for Obama. I wonder if some exit polls were more private, such as checking a box instead of speaking into a microphone while other people were near by and elderly Cuban-Americans might have been afraid to offend her friends who they thought were still pro-embargo, and thus made a real point to avoid speaking in an exit poll. Maybe someone could pay for stories of people who avoided the poll taker providing they have a friend who they already confided in that they did so.

I have an incredible thought, to me peace won, even where the peace candidate lost. The Council for a Liveable World won every hotly contested Senate races but two. To me, Shelley Barkley of Nevada is no peace candidate and didn'f call herself one, she wrote the shrill resolution at the Democratic Convention on Jerusalem,

Where the candidates arguments concerned peace peace won,
Richard Carmona of Arizona lost to the top opponent of the Cuban embargo in the US Senate. Carmona had the support of local Latins, but peace with Cuba won at that point not the Black-Latin coalition.

But we better watch out, we don't pay attention but al Qaeda is convinced that the West will collapse, and is trying to make it happen with their help sooner, such as placing explosive-laden people on airplanes that could have even been a dud so as not to risk a resuming the draft, a far cheaper way to fight. No one seemed to wonder why bin Laden's notes said he was planning to derail trains. Derailing trains would hurt the US economy without encouraging a draft. They will be suddenly very disappointed and angry if it looks like the dollar may not collapse after all. In their eyes those who borrow like crazy like the West does must suffer destruction for it. Let’s prove al Qaeda wrong by straightening up in a hurry.

Anyway Cuba can be counted on to make positive changes if a Congressional vote to end the embargo gets voted on this lame duck session. People in Afghanistan could care less about making US peace-activists look good.

If we wait until our soldiers have to wonder if their next paycheck will be on time, to leave Afghanistan, it could be confusion and chaos.

Britain is still around, two centuries after the US revolution, the US, with the proper compromises aught be around in another 200 years as well.

Dig for more detail & supporting links and to post comments that can be seen if again a top article @

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bad Year, so far, for Security issues: Hate Film Riots, New Danger Info on Black Hole research but not new protests over it

2012 has already been a bad omen when it comes to humankind solving the dangers ahead. Perhaps an early review will make next January 1 brighter.

There has been strong information questioning the existence of Hawkins Radiation, which was a major reason most scientists think Black Hole Collider research is safe, without any increase in a call for a safety conference. Once, due to classification keeping it away from the general public, there was a small debate whether the first atomic explosion would set off a chain reaction that would consume the earth. On March 1, 1954 the Lithium that was, for other purposes, put in what was intended to be a small Hydrogen Bomb test, created, by far, the dirtiest atomic explosion ever as the natives on Bikini Island woke up to two suns in the sky that morning. History would be different had the first tests gravely injured people. Eventually people in the future will look back at how humankind dealt with the possibility of instantly destroying itself, as more important, than how it dealt with slowly producing more doomsday-like weapons.


With genetic engineering the results are amazing, goats with hair thousands of times stronger than wool would offer some increased protection from its predators. Think what would happen if one foot undigested fibers gets accidental inbreed in goat meat, or very untasty animals spread in the wild throughout the eco system. In 2001 Genetic Insecticide intended only to protect corn to be used in animal feed spread by the winds and cross breading to all corn in the northern hemisphere. Bees drinking corn syrup from one discarded soda can can endanger an entire hive. Now there is fear of this gene getting into wheat, rice and all plants that don't rely on insects in some way. The efforts to require food to be labeled for genetically modified ingredients doesn t address the issue andmay actually distract from warning of the dangers ahead.

There are some who say bad people want to play God and create a god particle, likewise some say evil Monsanto,with bad motives, is trying to prevent us from buying safe food. This attitude doesn't help create a safer future, or empower those trying to rationally deal with the danger.

The next danger is the attempt to impose Helter Skelter on the world with an Islam baiting movie. To Coptic Christians there was to be a movie on them being mistreated in Egypt. Actors hired to perform in a movie about a man who at first didn't know who his father was, loved his donkey, had a far away look in his eyes, never needed a shave and had something to due with a spaceship landing 2000 years ago on the desert. Islam haters fund-raised to create a movie smearing bin Laden but tricking Muslims to see it with movie posters in Arabic.

Somehow despite the false claim of 100 Jewish donors, no one who looked Jewish and rich was attacked in Los Angeles. Prompt expose` by Coptic Christian religious leaders, instead of someone else, exposing the claim that the person who pretended to be a Coptic Christian refugee and a rich Jewish businessman was the same person. Quick response prevented attacks on Copts in Egypt. Every relative of the four Americans killed in Benghazi, didn't want Romney to use their name for campaign purposes. It is amazing that of all the people killed in the riots around the world following this hate trailer none of them were Americans who wanted their relative’s name used to promote anger at Muslims.

It is a bad omen that this was looked upon by many as a free speech issue not a terror attack. When Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed to cause tit for tat revenge killings by a van that was stolen a year earlier in Japan, the UN took charge of the investigation. When Charles Manson tried to impose a Helter Skelter race war on the earth he didn’t come close enough to warrant being punished for a separate crime. If these two previous terror attacks on the world had been done in a way that no one was killed in the initial attack, is the earth really dumb enough to discuss it as a free speech issue?

Michael Jackson’s sister, before he died, was alarmed claiming that Michael Jackson’s handlers were systematical putting him under stress to put her brother in harm’s way. Comrad Murray this year wants a new trial insisting that he never would have given Michael orally such a badly mixed dose of anesthesia, and as no one seems to remember he had been distracted by a call on his cell phone for an offer of an important business deal. The world is full of incidents where professionals commit a crime in such a complex , convoluted way that it is hard to prosecute as a crime. Perhaps all these incidents could be looked into again.

It would be helpful if those stereotyped as not being concerned speak out like a sky diver warning about the Collider or a atheist leader and/or smut dealer speaking out on the hate religious film attack calling for investigation and prosecution.

January through October, 2012, hasn’t been a good omen, in humankind’s ability to solve its problems and deal with danger, perhaps doing a year in review in October instead of waiting till January will make next January’s review brighter.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

It is only Human to be Angry over One's Religion Ridiculed in a Porn Flick. Why no letters in US papers stating this side

One advancement in human history was arguing with lawyers instead of sticks and shouts. This has slipped a little since the conviction of Lynne Steward for doing what her client wanted.

I think a hidden cause of the riots is there is no advocacy of what many Muslims want in a debating and legalistic way.

I hope my from a distance effort to do so, will inspire some right up close to do so. I hope my start will help others seek rational struggle in what al Qeada notes is a 1000 year struggle between civilizations. Besides with this one religious hate porn flick the what I usually consider the opposite way from my cultures view is in my my view seeing it more accurately.

I attest there is a need for censure of the perpetrators of a religious porn hate flick, a preview in Arabic designed with posters in Arabic to trick the Arab reader it was sympathetic to the Muslim viewpoint. Anyway here is why I believe investigation and punishment is important. I am not partial to Islam but believe that before the religions of the book such practice as infanticide and killing of one's young step children chimpanzee style was practiced in parts of this planet.

The earth suddenly became darker because Islam entered it is a statement of prejudice not fact. One is not supposed to say such hate speech about the Holocaust or the African experience of the past.

Is it free speech to go to Harlem near, but just out of sight of, a white man to yell “N” on top of one's lungs, or near a police officers funeral just out of sight to hurl “vicious 'p”' near a punk dressed kid, or to turn Christian and Jewish historic leaders into porn stars, or to in thick traffic cut as many drivers off the road as you can as you give them the finger. Fortunately all four Americans who died in Libya didn't cry for out for vengeance. The Ambassador's wife set up a peace memorial fund similar to the fund set up after Daniel Pearl was beheaded 20 years ago, with the annual Daniel Pearl Peace Concerts. So the last half of October won't be grim heading into the “harsh winter “Charles Manson planned many years ago. So the earth as Helter Skelter seems to be just awaiting the next attempt to create it, rather hat trying to figure out how to stop it. Google “Ambassador Stevens is a hero”



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Saturday, August 11, 2012

From Homeless Child, to Community Leader, Perhaps Even President Someday!

Lately people believe born poor stay poor unless you makes it in the illegal market. And all those athletes paraded in front of kids inspiring them into concussions, and a lot of disappointment. The country is better off because some children were inspired by Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and recently Ophah Winfrey. Bill Clinton from the lower middle class and a problematic childhood to success starting with public service jobs could be an inspiration as well, I left out Washington and Lincoln because of the fictionalization added to their legacy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJak6-Teqyk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton#Early_life_and_career Something inspiring is happening in parts of Kennsington, a partly impoverished section of Philadelphia. Homeless people and those facing foreclosure are both holding their heads up high and improving their lot at the same time. A part of the city where Green Party registration is increasing. Now that Cheri Honkala is the Vice President candidate on the Green Party banner. Obama will suddenly remember there is more than the middle class that needs help, and Romney will only continue to insult the poor at his peril. How the Greens and the Libertarians deal with the states that split their electoral vote, Maine and Nebraska, will be interesting if the electoral college ties, to risk changing the subject if both the Greens and Libertarians get one electoral vote the most likely of the third party possibilities the Constitution says the electors must choose between the top three candidates I think and haven't been able to Google any clarification, http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2012/08/01/stein-and-honkala-arrested-during-occupy-event-in-philadelphia/ http://www.jillstein.org/frontline_defenders Cheri Honkala, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton had troubled childhoods. Though Bill Clinton's mother went to nursing school and left Bill with his grandparents. Cheri's and Oprah’s dealing with a mother with drug issues wasn't easy, especially Cheri's experience as a run away from foster homes. Bill Clinton's experience in stopping his step-dad from beating on his mother and half brother was different but, if Bill would mention it more often, a source of empowerment for children as well. Getting arrested in a homeless protest while a 13 year old runaway was the most empowering thing to happen to Cheri Honkala in her life so far. I hope the beginning of her political career will change that. If voting was compulsively in America Obama would win by a landslide but he is running against “I am so disgusted that I won't vote” some who say “I guess I have to vote the lesser evil” will notice the polls closed before they managed to vote. I am one of those who may or may not change their minds in the polling booth, if both Pennsylvania and the county are neck and neck. The important thing is to vote. And contribute to the better candidates. The Green Party had less over signatures than when the Pennsylvania Democrats challenged in a bitter court fight. They didn't challenge them either because they knew third party election excitement would help the President or at least help every non-blue Dog Democrat running for another office. Obama by praising Ronald Reagan and lately by praising John McCain when it comes to immigration is unknowingly campaigning for people to stay home this time. Obama has real skill as a one on one persuader note his conversion of Bill Gates. But a persuader and an enforcer are two different jobs. Those who swarm all over him doing his every word are making his job harder not easier. I am old enough to have been excited when John F. Kennedy was running, Cheri Honkala is bringing excitement back to politics again. And I hope has already changed the county to where sentencing Ed Frey to six months in jail for helping the poor, and the fines for feeding the poor in Philadelphia will be a thing of the past Or at least the march toward Nazi Germany where helping the poor, and being ethically part of a group with a reputation for siding with the poor ie the Jews would get you killed, will be turned around, thanks to Cheri Honkala. Technical note, an article on RSN can always be updated but the comments remain frozen, it turns out fortunately updating will not make a comment by someone else look silly. To cool the rhetoric down, people fined in Philadelphia for feeding the homeless, and in California Ed Frey getting six month for joining the homeless in solidarity by sleeping on the street may have a little to due with pre-Wold War II German History and famous ex homeless people in the news may help a little. Everyone get back into politics before it's too late. By Richard Kane
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tensions With Pakistan Boil

http://readersupportednews.org/pm-section/207-207/11831-tensions-with-pakistan-boil-as-the-peace-movement-yawns http://my.firedoglake.com/richardkanepa/
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Tensions With Pakistan Boil as Peace Movement Yawns

Friday, 08 June 2012 21:39 Angry Pakistan legislators are demanding no more drone attacks, while Congress cuts 33 million in aid. Rand Paul unlike his father, Ron Paul, demands an end to all aid to Pakistan without mentioning the drone provocations. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher claims Pakistan is our enemy, demands that a rebellion province of Pakistan be given its independence, that the US befriend Pakistan's enemies particularly India but mentioning Russia as well. Occupying the airways just before US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta went to India to work for more military cooperation. Fear of a future close military alliance between the US and Pakistan could encourage extremists in Pakistan to want to attack before the US and India gets Pakistan cornered.` Rep. Rohrabacher frequently condemns Afghan President Karzai usually when he is demanding the right to visit Afghanistan. Ominously all Rohrabacher's hate is widely reported in both Pakistan and India. Afghan President Karzai with all his faults is nevertheless one of the few Sunni leaders who cares deeply about Shiite minority rights. The hatred between Shiites and Sunnis that led to a bloodbath in Iraq also exists in Afghanistan.` It would lessen the tension if we tried to see Pakistan's point of view. Pakistan sees no drones or commandos in England to get at Julian Assange, because it thinks the US government respects that country's laws and policies. The US government didn't even think it required notice when it came to Bin Laden. The US clearly respects British law more than it does Yemenis and Pakistani law. Did the US give any kind of notice before it drone attacked Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the 16 year-old-son of a terror suspect it already droned? There are extremists in Pakistan who attack visiting soccer teams and Muslim fans crowding around giant TV screens. The US demands cooperation against other Muslim extremists who only attack Americans. The climate is ripe for provocative incidents. Years ago Lebanon erupted after Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated by a truck bomb on a truck stolen four years earlier, in Japan and peace never completely returned to Lebanon since then, A group that gained immensely from Rafik's death was al Qaeda, http://consortiumnews.com/2011/09/01/hariri-murder-sleuths-ignored-al-qaeda/ More recently in Syria there have been massacres of civilians and a lot of accusations over who is really doing it with little unbiased effort to try to find the real culprits with the US officials adding to the propaganda war rather than helping to look for the truth. Americans are fixated on the possibility of another airplane attack while al Qaeda is dreaming of worldwide bankruptcy and a world at war. When McCain jokingly sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” the peace movement was horrified as it was when Peter King had hearings claiming Islam is the enemy. When peace leaders join the hysterics against the Saudi’s it doesn't necessarily lead toward a peaceful world, but the tensions with Pakistan is an immediate danger. I like to compare al Qaeda to rabid mice and the US to the largest elephant in the circus trying to stamp out rabies. Banging into the economic pillars holding the circus tent up to the glee of the rabid mice. But I don't want to conclude that the US caught rabies from bin Laden, at least not as long as Ron Paul continues to stand up for the principle the US was founded on. Ron Paul please denounce Rand Paul's idea of ending all aid to Pakistan without demanding an end to the Drone War that is so infuriating that country. With brand new publicity I think there is still time for Ron Paul to input the Republican convention. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was a very early and persistent supporter of Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign, Ron Paul should demand that Romney distance himself from Rohrabacher's views. The unpledged delegates could still be encouraged to deadlock over a nominee. Sometimes firefighters create small fires in the path of a giant fires to try to control a roaring inferno. (I urge the US peace movement not to spread hate against the Pakistani's and Saudi's in the name of peace. By Richard Kane Comments from an expert @ http://readersupportednews.org/pm-section/207-207/11831-tensions-with-pakistan-boil-as-the-peace-movement-yawns
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