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Michael Jackson, La Toya his Sister Cried, had been Surrounded by Shady Characters who Wanted him Dead

Let’s not let this issue die, since we now know for sure that a similar situation led the Jimi Hendrix’s death. Dr. Conrad Murray is a distraction if La Toya knew what she claimed.

On June 30 Gerald Posner who wrote “Case Closed”, covering up the Kennedy Assassination, claimed that someone close to Michael claimed Michael Jackson was mixing tranquilizers to try to go to the hospital because Michael falsely believed that going to the hospital would let him break his contract. It turned out that his doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, was mixing medication while cutting Michael down on propofol. This means someone close enough to Michael to be in his bedroom, thought he was about to watch Michael die from an attempt to get out of his contract stunt, and make money selling the story, instead of informing Michael that what he thought Michael was doing wouldn’t work. Maybe it isn’t murder for a maid to casually watch her boss die of a heart attack, perhaps the maid could only be sued by relatives for breach of contract. But because of my own personal experience when a friend died, when people around him wanted him dead, I feel greatly for the plight that La Toya Jackson felt, when she noticed a lot of things wrong surrounding Michael’s death, details of my experience I will detail later. Something is very wrong with the entertainment industry when it comes to gullible and vulnerable entertainers.

La Toya Jackson, cried murder as soon as Michael Jackson died. She wasn’t crying about manslaughter, but a conspiracy to systematically endanger Michael Jackson’s life. Her charges received no official investigation by the police or mainstream media who ended up dwelling on Dr. Conrad Murray and his poor choices in both trying to keep Michael Jackson satisfied and healthy at the same time. The conspiracy blogs did list names but they weren't picked up by her or the main media. An example is the following link,

I was personally prevented from helping a friend in dire need. I know about other situations. I wish those who know of anything similar would come forward.

Manipulators and con-artists plagued Michael. Maybe we won’t prove any time soon La Toya’s inferences that some group put Michael Jackson under extreme stress hoping he would abuse tranquilizers in a deadly way. Dr. Conrad Murray could have said “No” firmly. I gave you something else that doesn’t mix with propofol instead of giving him a little bit. Still I consider Dr. Murray a scapegoat.

The engineering for someone to die is not rare. I hope if all of us who experienced a friend or love one die this way would get together to encourage the police to label this murder. I was unable to save a friend’s life, and the police were unwilling to review a suspicious 911 call that delayed their response to coming for a sick friend. Previously when he was sick I got 911 help for him or went with him by cab to the hospital. However after my key to his apartment was unexplainably missing and it turned out he discovered he had no more spares. Four days later his curtains were drawn for the first time as if he didn’t want to be disturbed. He sounded ok on the phone but the next morning didn’t answer his door or phone. A character who several times delayed me, from calling 911, used my phone to call for a possible key. As he lingered on my phone I ran next door to see if I could get them to let me look in the back window. Since he was now at the front door, still on my phone I ran to the pay phone urging the police to come quick. Later calling 911 to ask “Why the delay” the dispatcher said, “Another call came right before yours saying that it probably wasn’t a problem but the police might check and thus his call took priority because it was first. I couldn’t get the police to check to see if his call came from my phone. If they did, I suspect, they would hear a carefully worded statement where a calm voice would have indicated no emergency even as the written notes would tend to indicate there was.

La Toya Jackson had three autopsies. I instead, told the coroner that an autopsy wouldn’t find anything though in hindsight it could have shown his medicine missing from his system.

At this point I have a hypothetical question; If the police suspected someone of murdering someone three hours away from where they lived, and when questioned they had typed notes where they had been the last three days, receipts from a restaurants, and stores, and long distance phone calls proving he was at no point within three hours of the body. Would the police go away or be more suspicions then ever? Why would someone want to prove they were innocent before a crime occurred?

La Toya Jackson wasn’t clear. She neglected to mention that everyone knew or should have known that stress would make it difficult for Michael to live up to a contract, when she mentioned a difficult contract with a stiff penalty for not living up to it for a new Michael Jackson tour, with several attempts to amend it every time Michael slipped up to make it worse, while staff members were making it difficult for her to meet with her brother. This certainly did not include Dr. Conrad Murray. If she didn’t know their names, she could have described their position on Michael’s staff. When La Toya Jackson complained of valuables being missing, and staff being quickly fired after Michael died, she didn’t mention that the stealing would have been far more convenient if it occurred before Michael died, before the police were snooping around. And that employees fired and quickly being made to leave the premise would have made it harder for any honest staff members to note which items weren't where they were a day or two earlier. She made herself even less clear by demanding an autopsy then two more. Police investigators and private investigators might discover the kind of conspiracy she was alleging, manipulating Michael’s life to make death likely, which couldn’t possibly show up in an autopsy.

I hope I am not being to distracting by referring back to Gerald Posner when he insisted that Lee Harvey Oswald had no accomplishes in killing President Kennedy. People argue with what is technically possible with the single bullet theory, but don’t publicly ask, something that was obvious. “Did a prosecutor ever before insist early in a murder case that the murderer acted alone?” Who ever heard of the police insist there was only one bank robber, despite one witnesses testimony to the contrary, and authorities disagreeing saying the robber had no accomplices. That may end up being the final assessment at the end not the beginning of an exhausting investigation. With the JFK Assassination we instead of looking at what we know about the police and normal prosecutors we argue whether bullets can ricochet in a magical way when very few of us have experience with bullets ricocheting. Similarly with Michael Jackson we should assume that manipulators surrounded Michael who would gain more from his name if Michael died sooner rather than later. Elsewhere it was reported that Dr. Murray was on his cell phone for an hour before calling the police. Since no camera was in the room to see when Michael died, how would anyone know if any phone call was before not after Michael died unless the false information came from someone who was calling Dr. Murray to distract him from Michael, like a person persistently picking when another person is in a car to call with heavy conversation, hoping to precipitate a traffic accident.

Someone, or some group of people, seem awfully interested in the police claiming “case closed”. I, for one, consider Dr. Murray to be one of the only people advising Michael who wasn’t trying to manipulate him for their own financial gain, and don’t want him punished. But if punished, if he plea-bargains guilt for not using the alarms that hospitals use when someone is under anesthesia, it would allow the police to arrest someone later without admitting they were making a mistake with Dr. Murray. It would also pressure doctors to follow up on what they prescribe, such as actually calling someone with an old prescription that hasn’t seen the doctor again, rather then to stop prescribing pain killers and tranquilizers.

When it comes to murder, I would never do it. However when a drunken panhandler constantly pestered me, I had the dark thought of buying him a gallon of the strongest vodka I could get.

Since having this dark thought, I saw fictional stories and a news story about alcoholics encouraged to die. In one incident a life insurance policy was bought for an alcoholic who was drinking himself to death, but who became sober after a near-death experience. The life insurance purchaser was convicted of using more direct means to kill the former alcoholic. From my experience with the police I don’t think it likely that someone would yet be punished for constantly removing only the heart pill from a morning pill tray, or just refilling prescriptions all at the same time of month, to make it look like the heart medication was accidentally left out? Or frequently phoning, when the person being called is driving on a busy highway, to precipitate an accident. Pharmacy computers scan for what doesn’t mix, and could enclose a warning of something missing when other pills are filled. Also the police could check after a driver dies in an accident, not only whether they were on the phone but if the last caller was a frequent caller who almost always called when the driver was on the phone if this person had reasons to want the driver dead.

Subjecting Michael to unnecessary stress, while making it difficult for comforting relatives to visit in order to encourage Michael to overdose tranquilizers, part of what would fit into what La Toya Jackson complained about, would be a perfect crime until the rules changed. But the rules keep evolving, which clever perpetrators might not be aware of. In colonial times, according to old Westerns, someone could bobby trapping a gun to a cabin door without the sheriff getting involved. Today store owners get arrested for a lot less. And recently arrested was a mother pretending to be child (on the Internet) successfully demanding that an acquaintance, of her son, commit suicide. Cigarette manufactures pleaded guilty to small charges to head off major charges in the more distant future. It took 39 years to bring to justice two church bombers who killed three little black girls, who were shielded by the Southern Justice system back in 1953. The rules for what consists of murder will inevitably tighten as it becomes easier and easier to manipulate a death. Before medicine, trying to kill someone without directly attacking mainly would be stealing their food, water or winter coat.

Jimi Hendrix’s murder was an old rumor. Recently the doctor who was in the emergency room, 39 years earlier in 1970, now tells us that red wine was even in Hendrix’s hair. The news over Michael Jackson and a colorful new book led to someone contacting Dr. John Banister. Originally the doctor didn’t think of the possibility that wine was forced down Hendrix’s throat even though he wondered why so much wine was in Hendrix’s lungs and stomach after he chocked to death on vomit, but so little alcohol in his blood stream. If the copyrighted 2002 link below, or an earlier written article had reached him, he could have told the world about wine in Hendrix’s hair when contacted,

Perhaps if my article reaches La Toya Jackson, she could get back on her original conspiracy complaint, and entertainment executive or two might plead guilty to some small charge like contract fraud to head off murder charges if they live another 40 years, especially if they don’t come forward, circumstances might lead to problems for the company they represent even after they were long dead. Remember cigarette manufactures didn’t want murder charges at a much later date and thus cooperated by helping legislate a warning label on cigarette packs.

Now more on my experience of a conspirator systematically delaying 911 help. Too bad I didn’t ask her whether it came from 215-387-7907 which was my phone. Carefully worded 911 tapes should be scoured over, in future investigations of past deaths. The perpetrator and the landlord’s girl friend were very concerned about image, crying to the neighborhood pharmacist and to two little groceries about their friend dying of pneumonia. Since he got deadly ill quickly after getting some kind of cold he must have had pneumonia for less than a week. As I said before an autopsy could have shown his medicine missing and then I could lobby for murder charges to be pressed, similar to bloggers suggest that someone else slipped Michael Jackson additional tranquilizers. However I doubt that his medicine was missing. Here’s why:

It might seem a side issue but it isn’t. A local thrift store was fighting gentrification. Someone climbed on the roof throwing bricks down the chimney, causing fuel oil to spill into the basement. Fortunately the owner wasn’t at a meeting he was supposed to be at. The officer making the police report refused to put it down as attempted arson, instead labeled it malicious mischief. If the perpetrator had fallen off the roof or got a minor stroke while on the roof, no one would have grilled him on who hired him, if the attempted crime was considered a malicious mischief. These professionals have every intention of doing their misdeeds in such a way that it wouldn’t be considered a crime or, if that’s not possible, a far lesser crime if caught. Professional had no intention of directly poisoning Michael. Even slipping him some extra medication from what Dr. Murray gave him would not be according to script.

TV dramas, and even the “Secrets of the Dead” series are full of stories of people thinking they committed the perfect crime, where for instance on “Secrets of the Dead”, the perpetrator burned the club, but the burnt club was traced by DNA to other wood from the same tree, which was also in wood that was in his house. But conspiracies to systematically finagle death being more likely is not part of folk lore.

Several staff members were probably fired for observing too closely what con-artists surround Michael were doing could all be interviewed. Dr. Conrad Murray could report who was systematically making his job in caring for Michael harder. Gerald Posner could be grilled on who informed him on Michael Jackson getting a cocktail mix of tranquilizers, and why he expected Michael to die when he did. When did the cell phone information come out? Anything that indicated inside information could lead to the insider being grilled to how the blogger or article author found out.

Now for the details of what happened to me that should change the legal map if La Toya gets involved, or otherwise if adequately spread around the Internet. Then this article still might be available 40 years from now to punish any surviving individuals or organization involved.

Enclosed is the minute details concerning my landlord’s death. Please skip over to near the end if you start getting bored.

Details of the Efforts to Stop me From Saving My Landlord’s Life Follows:

I lived with the same landlord for 30 years. He had an adrenal gland problem and the dose of the medication he needed had to be carefully increased when he got a cold or flue, or would become disoriented and helpless and soon would face death. Five times I got emergency help. Once was by cab to Thomas Jefferson Hospital where after a half hour delay, I wheeled my slumped in the wheel chair they provided landlord into the examination room, where they ripped off his clothes and applied emergence resuscitation he was so close to death. The person who sabotaged my call to 9ll on January 9, 2005, engaged in all kinds of shady dealings and ended up working for the potential new owner while the potential owner had a contract not to pay any money for the property until in part he left the premises.

The previous Saturday before my landlord died, I discovered that my key to his apartment was missing. His spares it turned out surprised both of us slightly by no more being in the box he kept them in. It wasn’t convenient for him to be without a key for a couple of hours or to go with me to the key shop. New keys further away on Sunday. My landlord had shocked me by raising my rent, something his new girl friend who inherited a third of his estate probably urged. So I wasn’t my usual insistent self to demand that I quickly get another as I would have been, something I feel quick guilty about.

Midday January 8, my landlord was sick with some kind of cold or flue, but because the curtains were mysteriously shut on his door which was originally the front door of the house, now inside an enclosed porch, it seemed like he didn’t want to be disturbed, so I phoned instead of ringing his bell and I waited to 9 pm to make the call. He mumbled something that seemed to indicate he was still ok. On January 9, I got no response on the phone or knocking on his door. I ended up yelling, “If you don’t open the door I will call the police and they will break in”. The new handyman was at the front door of the building, supposedly fixing his door bell for over an hour said, Kalvin’s girlfriend might have the key. She lived near by, but I didn’t know the exact address. He wouldn’t give me Claudia’s phone number insisting that I let him in my apartment to call her, refusing to go with me to the payphone on the corner a half a block from 526 S 45th Street in Philadelphia. I wasted precious time finding a 100 ft extension cord I had to sting the phone outside my apartment door that had room to extended out the front door of the house as well. I never let the handyman into my apartment, so he would have had to be a professional if he did steal my key. He kept talking to Claudia or having a monologue with himself. I decided to go next door to see if the neighbors were home so I could climb outside to the back porch to look in the window. They weren't home and John Lukins was on the phone looking at me. Now outside my landlord’s house I ran to the pay phone on the corner and frantically called 911. It seemed like hours that the police didn’t arrive. I made a second frantic call this time from my phone asking why the police or ambulance didn’t come yet. The dispatcher said, “Another call came right before your call and said it was probably wasn’t a problem but someone should check”, and “thus that call took precedence”. If I was alert, I would have asked whether that call came from 215-387-7907 which was my phone, (something I can quickly prove). But the new handyman also had a cell phone that somehow was missing that morning he could have called on, if he was a member of a top notched conspiracy group.

When the police finally did break in, Kalvin Kahn was lying on the floor in sight of the door if the shades weren't mysteriously pulled down for the first time. Lukins at one point changed his demeanor stopped crying about poor Kalvin to the police officer questioning us and said the tenant on the second floor had important information. She came down when her bell was rung and said she heard a fight two nights before with Claudia. The police officer didn’t seem interested so Lukins went back to sobbing about poor Kalvin. It took about two hours for the coroner to come for the body, and Claudia came crying in five minutes later as if Lukins had his cell phone with him all the time. She announced that she was going to nail the door the police broke into shut and you and the other tenant stay out. I took it upon myself to bring her a hammer, nails and two boards, and walked in. Lukins meekly said Claudia wouldn’t want you in here instead of screaming at me to get out like if she wasn’t around. She sort of ignored me, concentrating on looking at the papers in Kalvin’s files. A day later she called Gasparro to take his car out of the garage, information that was in his files, and two days later Lukins and Claudia went to Davis Drugs, and People’s and Kim’s Market crying that Kalvin died of pneumonia (the pneumonia, he actually got three or four days before he died).

Somehow this allegedly penniless handyman who worked for almost nothing, because Kalvin kept his dogs in an emergency, talked the executor of Kalvin’s estate into letting him stay and clean up Kalvin’s apartment. Then into allowing him to get a welfare check and/or food stamps at that address. Next he moved in moving with a whole bunch of stuff making Kalvin’s huge apartment look stuffed like mine.

A shady international business said he would buy the place with the stipulation that I and Lukins had to be out in order for the sale to be final or even before even making any kind of initial holding fee. The tenant on the second floor could stay, which was important because Kalvin’s will stipulated that someone should stay and get paid to take care of his cat for the rest of the cat’s life. The executor’s lawyer who knew I was a friend of Kalvin and who knew I helped Kalvin many times had said I could stay, and might have let me stay, despite an offer to buy it only if I leave, if John Lukins didn’t systematically tie his situation in with mine. Lukins put an American Flag in front of the house then later strung up a huge canvas or cloth sign, tying it to a tree and to the house with the new potential owners 800 number on it, and refused to move, so the new owner got free use of trying to sell a building without cost. Maybe connected to the later purchaser at a bargain. Welfare records and a huge sign that was put up without permission should be easily documented by checking with the lawyer handling Kalvin’s will, though perhaps it would be difficult to prove my assertion that Lukins put it up. But a truly competent murder investigation would include grilling that realtor. Also that international realtor from aboard has I understand a shady reputation, so I suspect getting property at a bargain by making offers that they sabotaged may be a frequent occurrence. I wonder whether there was a fine for not having the property ready in four months, so the executor had to sell the property to a friend of the potential buyer at a discount, or else Kalvin's estate would have a temporary debt. I wonder if similar fees for not complying occurred with other contracts from this same company. This reminds me and makes me alert to the contract problems La Toya Jackson was complaining about happened before Michael died.

John Lukins did everything to create the image of being a homeless handyman, and writer. He tried to get a friend to store his computer. He cleaned up in front of Sam’s Two Restaurant, a job Eddie once had, and conspicuously cleaned several neighbors front lawns on the 500 block of 45th Street, with a reputation for working below minimum wage. Since he was careful, I’m sure that anything he owned was supposedly in someone else’s name, so even convicting him on welfare fraud or contract fraud would be problematic. Every crime covered by a perfect alibi, except murder charges can be applied years later, and with time more and more information could be gleamed from those 9/11 tapes. A weird thought is that Lukins or the conspiracy group behind him might have known in advance that the executor was a softy who might have done other things similar to allowing a homeless person to stay in a property he owned, or rented, which could be why he wanted to seem like a homeless man with three dogs.

Kalvin Kahn wrote a book “Your Cat Goes to Court” (some links have Kalvin spelt Calvin so see,
He was well liked by the concerned for animals movement and by other lawyers. He had a knack for being assertive and gentle at the same time. Some of his friends among them could become upset when they know the true nature of his death. Back in the beginning when Move, the Back to Nature sect, was young and rambunctious they always fought with their lawyers. Kalvin got along with them in one case. Talking to his client on how much dreamed of escaping to the country, and how much he loved the animals and to his shock he was assigned dozens more, where the usual tension between Move and their lawyers developed. However, the main thing that highlights this case is not me or Kalvin, but the amount of information on 911 tape and the clear evidence from two calls to 911 almost simultaneous. The amazing length that this conspirator went to make sure it was a perfect crime, should fit in with the fictional classics.

There are perhaps thousands of cases where someone hovered around someone they wanted to die. Many of them involve people who end up sobbing too load after the death. There are probably many cases where people took steps to make sure they wouldn’t by punished for a crime before it occurred. Carefully worded calls to 911 where the calling is careful to say only so much, and to make an impression not to alert them to respond, may not be rare. However I wonder how many cases a 911 dispatcher told someone calling that an earlier call took precedence, when the caller had been prevented from using his own phone. What happened to my friend because of it’s clarity, and the conspiracy to encourage Michael to die sooner rather than later because of its publicity could be combined to get thousands of other cases opened up. I hope this somehow gets to La Toya Jackson, and that others blog out or possible publish in an article on suspicious deaths of their loved ones.

We can make the world a little safer for future Michael Jacksons’ and Jimi Hendixs’ and a lot of elderly people. I even have a fantasy of this ending up similar to the Sherlock Homes classic, where a perpetrator had a fetish for doing everything in a totally foolproof way.

I wouldn’t even have been able to explain clearly why I wanted to label my landlord’s death murder had the 911 emergency dispatcher not tipped me off. Now thousands of other cases without a tipoff can come forward, providing this article gets blogged around the Internet. In 40 years, one way or another, going through acrobatics to make it likely that another person will die will clearly be illegal and how much the above material is spread around could affect that date, and affect the way the entertainment industry deals with vulnerably, gullible Michael Jackson type clients.

Richard Kane

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