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Obama - unlike Jimmy Carter - fights the smears Fox News hurls at him

History is repeating itself. When Carter was President, he was sabotaged and smeared by right-wingers who hated him. The very worst example was called the “October Surprise”. Under President Carter so-called super-patriotic Americans including a former Vice-President who was later to become President, President Bush, in the worst case example, worked with America’s enemies to sabotage Carter’s domestic and foreign policy. It hasn’t been smoking gun proven, but the elder Bush’s emissaries might have actually directly, not indirectly, worked with the Iranian hostage takers, google Wikipedia and October Surprise.

Obama is different, he fights back, but only is supporting the President’s policy of standing up to the smears hurled against him and this country by so-called friends of America like the super publisher Rupert Murdock and his Fox News. America isn’t weak under President Obama, it is strong. For the first time, really since World War II, the world actually respects and honors this country. The Nobel Peace Prize was actually given to President Obama for bringing back the America, the promoter of peace and stability, that President Wilson once presented to the world.

The biggest hate smearers at Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times newspaper, get honored by being on Rupert Murdock’s Fox News, such as Andrew Breitbart,
If the above link sticks, go the Scoobie Davis blog, and scrawl down to Sept 29,

The smear that Obama was a Muslim wasn’t urban legend, but a carefully planned hate message,
As part of a subliminal hate message, the Washington Times’ story about children murdered in Chicago, had a picture with it of Obama’s children. See Media Matters story # 200905130025

Many think because they have been quiet of late the Moonies are mostly gone or retired. Moon has actually given much, if not all, of his control of his Unification Church to his three sons or in Moon’s mind, God has given control of His church over to His three sons.

Moon just married 40,000 new couples in a mass marriage that covered several countries. Moonies in the past, besides getting married at Moon’s beck and call, have done fund raising, such as selling flowers and small figurines and stuffed animals 16 hours a day, and did a lot of political work for their god.

An article in the Boston Globe covered the mass marriage. It was an Oct 12 Associated Press story by Hyung-Jin-Kim,
The only reference to brainwashing in the story was of a child raised in the cult, However, many recruits were college students who’s lives got totally engrossed in a mind bending cult, much to the horror of their parents and other relatives. Since Moonies, in the past, did fund raising and other errands for their god, I wonder how many are now professionals assigned to smear President Obama.

We need a little history. Sun Myung Moon came to this country as part of the Korea-gate lobbying campaign to secure more aid and support for South Korea. Somehow people get all excited about the Israeli Lobby lobbying for more support for Israel. However, many of the complaints against the Israeli Lobby come from Jews that disagree with the lobby, nothing like the conspiracy between Rupert Murdock (who happens to be a foreign lobbyist not an American) Dick Cheney, and the Rev. Moon.

Rev. Moon preaches Godism, not Democracy. A victory for the world Moon envisions would not only be a defeat for what the US represents but any religion that has a concept of free will.

It is interesting to note (if not ominous)that a major paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, took the Associated Press story of Moon’s mass wedding, and removed the reference to brainwashing and to Sun Myung Moon’s ownership of the Washington Times, and added a picture of Moon’s youngest son looking like a ordinary preacher. According to both the Inquirer and Associated Press’s version of the story, Moon’s youngest son rebelled for a while and became a Buddhist. Not emphasized in either version is that this would represent a drastic change since Moonies are supposed to worship Rev. Moon. But the youngest son was only put in charge of Moon’s local church in Korea, not Moon’s overseas lobbying empire. The Inquirer’s cut version of the story only emphasized Moon’s youngest son, Moon Hyung-jin

According to retired University of Pennsylvania Wharton Professor Ed Herman, the right-wing owner who bought out the Philadelphia Inquirer from Knight Newspapers, Brian Tierney, is embedding in right wing causes, see,
Brian Tierney, mixed in with Rupert Murdoch, Moon’s Washington Times, and with Dick Cheney is a very toxic brew.

The best reference to the conspiracy I am referring to is at, Scoobie Davis’s blogs,
For earlier material see,
I wrote, the following which may add a little something to what they wrote,

Moon’s religious views have been called weird. But more than weird, I noticed they are extremely harsh. Moon likes to dwell on the Biblical use of the word “seed” to represent procreation in general. Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden represents according to Moon Eve having the Devil’s Child, and the Virgin Birth in the Bible is God changing human genealogy back in God’s hands. So Jesus was supposed to, according to Moon, have a lot of kids and bring God’s seed back to humankind to suppressed the Devil’s genetic line. Thus to Moon’s ideology, Jesus failed. To Moon the only difference between good and evil is who has the most power. To me it almost seems like good means evil to Moon. Moon wants a world where a higher authority makes all the decisions.

I might get in trouble with progressive friends, but I think there is actually some merit in some of the Conservative religious causes that Moon’s Washington Times has been ruining with its support. Destroying and twisting them might be one of his so-called higher purposes Moon is up to. Moon corrupts every cause he gets involved in supporting.

Cheney and Rupert Murdoch don’t hate human rights and civil liberties, they just don’t want such things to get in the way of what they think needs to be done. Someone on the scene that truly hates freedom, and free will, may be more destructive of human freedom then the resistively small number of Moonies would otherwise merit. I expect almost everyone who reads this will think that Moon at best is an only small part of any right-wing conspiracy. But I think that I though conceivably Scoobie Davis is the only people to think otherwise.

One can get most of the details by reading the historical links by Scoobie Davis and Robert Parry at Consortium News, which I linked to earlier.

One thing missing from what they write is Moon’s heavy involvement with Latin America. The Washington Times newspaper has had heavy support for right-wing Cuban-Americans and their effort to change the Cuban government. Most of Latin America especially the governments of Mexico and Brazil were upset at the overthrow of the President of Honduras. But the Washington Times by hammering away at the idea that Obama is supporting Castro’s and Chavez’s policy by pressuring Honduras to return to democracy, got otherwise uninvolved conservative Cuban-Americans to think that by opposing democracy in Honduras they are working for more freedom in Cuba. Without the Washington Times goading them on the overthrown of the President of Honduras might have never happened in the first place.

Many Hispanic Americans including Cuban-Americans, are being pressured by US domestic circumstances in a progressive direction. Most Cuban-Americans voted for President Obama. Heath care reform will benefit Hispanic-Americans the most. If Cheney and Rupert Murdoch win the day, with the next President proud of torture and human rights violations, and elderly Cuban refugees get to march back in style to Cuba the way the Iraqi Congress in Exile did in Iraq expecting to be greeted as returning heroes it will be a disaster for them as much as it was for the Iraqi Congress in Exile. Making peace with the Cuban Government, perhaps on somewhat their terms, is their only real hope for Cuban-Americans for their homeland. The Washington Times can only permanently poison their future.

A very good sign is that many conservative Cuban Americans signed an online petition against the threat to attack any Cuban-American entertainer if he attended the then pending peace concert in Havana,

This would be like Pat Robertson and Dick Cheney signing an on-line petition against such things as the signs “Bury Obama Next to Kennedy”. Why can’t other conservatives take responsibility for what the extremists among them do? I hope and think it is possible for those angry at former Fidel Castro’s legacy, to take a good look at the plight of the former members of the Iraqi Congress in Exile, and negotiate an end to the blockade directly with Raul Castro, perhaps getting certain significant but minor changes in Cuban society in the process. I also think it is possible for President Obama to get together with, and even befriend former President Bush to work against the current hate campaign against him. When Obama became President he actually called on the Washington Times reporter to ask a question at his press conference. But now Obama must fight back if people like David Corn who has sterling radical credentials will let him. However, it is possible that the Korean version of the Unification Church under Moon Hyung-jin, might eventually end up in charge of the entire Church operations and expose and apologize for past dirty tricks and work for a united world humanity, without the elder Moon’s hate for world democracy mixed in.

By Richard Kane
PS. I can’t reedit the above for spelling & other errors

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