Tuesday, January 19, 2010

After Hitler, Us

“After Hitler us” was a frequent comment during the Weimar Republic by German progressives in the 30's. It reminds me of the recent comments in the latest election, where many progressives turned against a moderately progressive candidate out of hard times and disgust with Obama’s lack of promised change.

Supposedly in four years a real progressive might be elected in Massachusetts, if Martha Coakley losses, but if she wins she might stay in office for many years. This in the direction of substituting the phase, “After Scott Brown, us” asserting that if Martha Coakley loses the next representative elected in four years will likely be more progressive. There is also a lack of concern from those who aren’t moderate Republicans that Republican politicians who are at all liberal are being pressured to change or even to get out, which could mean a right-wing nut case as the Republican contender in 2012. Another similarity is the percentage of poor people and the unemployed, into right wing causes. Of course the economic woes and political problems in Germany caused by mostly the worldwide economic conditions, while similar, were many times worse than today but the percentage of newly unemployed, and newly out of being kicked out of their homes in right-wing causes is similar,

Obviously a nut case Republican candidate wouldn’t call for sterilizing Hispanics, just to kick them out of the country, definitely making no distinction of American children born of immigrant parents. As for antiwar activists being mad at Coutney saying Afghanistan is not the place to fight al Qaeda, Scott Brown’s ravings that America needs to finish the job in Afghanistan while he weaves her opposition to the war, capital punishment and support for trials for terrorists into a continuous web. A staunchly antiwar libertarian also in the race will mean that a Brown victory will be interpreted as support for the war unless the Libertarian, Joe Kennedy, does well,

A problem with this essay is that it is an exaggeration, but a bigger problem is that we cried wolf far too often. However bin Laden is a wolf, causing untold grief the biggest example was co-sponsoring by attacking Shiite Holy Places, creating a tit-for-tat bloodbath between Sunnis and Shiites. Bush didn’t send peacekeeper’s to Somalia after Bin Laden threatened to respond, and low and behold the rest of the world under Bush stood up to Somalian pirates by themselves. There is a big world out there with many other nations who would be standing up to al Qaeda if the US backed down,

The real aggressive trouble that France gave Germany following the First World War, may or may not compare with the trouble al Qaeda gives the US,
But there is enough similarities between those who want to make everything temporary worse, in order to make them better later, and the poor and disengaged drifting toward conservative causes to cause alarm. If ACORN was able to accomplish more, and if rowdy but peaceful protests were able to show real results, the excitement over suicide attacks even by American outcasts such as at Columbine High would be far less of a problem. We must not stop finding the idea of the right and the left ganging up against Obama to be appealing and should continue this discussion just as intensely after the polls close tomorrow. By all means vote Coakley, or if you can’t take Democrats anymore, vote for the libertarian.

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