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The Victory Over bin Laden Belonged to the World

It is not only the US that bin Laden gave grief to. He didn’t like Saudi royalty. He believed that Sufi’s were giving Islam a cowardly touch. Attacks on Awakening Council Members, those who changed sides in Iraq, exceeded the US deaths on 9/11.

Bin Laden thought he discovered a revolutionary method that never could fail, where the victors always died in their victory. In Spain the opportunity to be confused with Basque terrorists to affect the then upcoming election couldn’t have happen, unless they used backpack bombs on the Madrid commuter trains. But later as the police closed in they blew themselves up, and a percussion grenade armed officer as well. If bin Laden followed script and killed himself even if not succeeding in taking any of the Navy Seals with him. Or they overwhelmed a sleepy-eyed bin Laden with the latest stealth technology, how much cheering would there have been? People would have cheered seeing a photo of a drugged bin Laden being dragged to the helicopter.

Somehow I hope I have somewhat healed the feeling of some peace activists that the cheering means that America is particularly cold-blooded. To me what is totally cold-blooded is sipping a soda, while ones fingers and joy stick one is working with is spelling death on the other side of the world.

Had bin Laden followed the script, he required of others, many of those who now want to quit would have continued to feel joy when asked to go on a suicide-mission. Any who continue now just feel grim obligation.

Had bin Laden followed the script, he required of others, many of those who now want to quit would have continued to feel joy when asked to go on a suicide-mission. Any who continue now just feel grim obligation.

Reality reinvented to before bin Laden changed it when a helicopter crashed, the Navy Seals without hesitation rushed forward, on a suicide mission, the only thing different was that their life and that of the woman and children was one of their goals. But just like a fairy tale bin Laden transformed from a monster into a helpless old man, the way Saddam Hussein did with a thermometer in his mouth. Those who then condemned President Obama and the Seals calling them vicious brutes further ruined the Rambo image his followers craved for in bin Laden.

If bin Laden had lived super-hawk Cliff Stearns would still suddenly claim, any more war in Afghanistan was a waste,
and perhaps India would still have told Afghan President Karzai that any agreement he makes with the in the past India hating Taliban was alright with them,
and Hamid Karzai would still have ordered NATO to stop killing civilians,
but the peace movement would have been invigorated by Cris Stearns comments, and international peace groups would have been excited about the improvements between India, and Muslim countries like they had been in the past,
and the world would be on its way to preventing economic collapse.

However now a month later I wonder if the karma would have really been that good if bin Laden was in jail. In the middle east when a street vendor’s goods were seized, the vendor protested his family now facing starvation, by setting himself on fire, igniting the Arab spring,
Karma is weird. Did bin Laden have to die a failure, in order for death to return to meaning failure? I, from the way I was brought up, would like to be convinced that bin Laden didn’t have to die. However perhaps if we all try to mill over this question, instead of condemning the other point of view the world may end up with far more to celebrate.

When World War I ended the world tried to declare it “The War That Ended All Wars.” When the 2nd World War ended we tried to declare that the UN would create peace. Let’s make suicide-murder death no longer meaning success lead to at least a similar attempt. No more calling it OK when someone murders their spouse as long as they kill themselves in the process, or school kids at Columbine calling mayhem, to be victory over being ostracized.

What would Martin Luther King or Gandhi do if they were alive today. I doubt if they would sign a petition asking the US congress to end all Afghan war funding in six months.

Hamid Karzai asked the Saudis to mediate. They said, not until the Taliban renounces bin Laden,\
The Taliban knows full well, that a peace conference with the US paying the expenses wouldn’t be the right sort of negotiations. Maybe Martin Luther King and Gandhi would have taken a trip to Saudi Arabia, even to Taliban Afghanistan suggesting amount other things that they appoint Hamid Karzia the Mayor of Kabul (a position jokes already claim) for a ceiling on their negotiation demands. When World War II ended besides the cheering at home, the cheering Germans impressed the GIs so much that some of the GI’s in Germany started home without orders. If the Taliban announced that they were nominating Hamid Karzai to be Mayor of Kabul, would all the US solders who volunteered for one tour of duty and are afraid of being drafted into a 4th tour of duty, continue to stay at their posts? Why are we still in a fight with the Taliban?’

Many of the people the US targeted with bombs never would have been had it been know that bin Laden was nowhere around since 2001.

Can’t we find some way to stop targeting former al Qaeda suicide want-to-be’s who change their minds, after knowing their leader didn’t even have some king of self-destruction device on the computer files. Maybe they could ask to be fitted with listening and tracking devices, that would sound an alarm if the devices became more than 6 feet from each other. Maybe the US could stop spreading bad karma by having fighters sit before computer screen sipping coffee in an air-conditioned room, operating a joy stick attached to drone aircraft as some, in a hot sticky plateau across the world, spreading fear and death from the sky. Let us cheer the Navy Seals going forward on what looked like gasoline ally by telling Obama to stop spreading bad karma around with drone aircraft.

Can we heal the feeling among those who work for a better would that all the cheering means the US is more hopeless than they

Now world, let’s do things differently from now on. UN accept Gadhafi’s lying peace proposals providing he wears a listening tracking device. If he doesn’t agree, have some brave UN posse try to serve a warrant for him to appear in court. Then Navy Seals, or the like, from France and Qatar try to arrest Gadhafi with percussion grenades, like the Spanish police did the Madrid bombing masterminds, with stun guns and with the US announcing it will get involved only if non lethal armed posse troups are all killed or held for ransom, at which point the US would send in the drones. If Gadhafi tried not to be captured and at the same time tries to not kill the stun gunned armed posses it would be a step toward a better world, instead of the bloodbath now going on in Libya in the name of peace.

The world was lucky that one helicopter failed which made rushing bin Laden into a heroically (not negative) potential suicide mission. The world is lucky that the Navy Seals because of one less helicopter was unable to force his wives and kids to leave with them, we forget President Bush wanted someone else besides the US to stop bin Laden fearing that he could possibly be more dangerous dead at the hands of the US, than alive. If al Qaeda volunteers thought it was a nasty rumor that bin Laden was unarmed they could have been inspired by his death. More than ever, believing that might makes right, trying to be even more suicidal to become even more mighty. A cautionary note bin Laden couldn’t have foreseen that karma would have caused one helicopter to crash. But he could have foreseen the computers being seized in one piece. The US government now says they never got any correct information from any top al Qaeda operator with or without torture, only figuring things out from what they denied too vehemently. One piece of faulty information was that a Taliban elder who was urging the Taliban to negotiate, was an al Qeada operative. His family is now getting a little annual compensation from the US government. How about some real compensation like the blood-money the US shelled out to the robbers trying to rob a CIA agent. Jordan had an al Qaeda operative who gave top quality information then at a meeting blew up five top CIA operatives. I am scared that the US will again be fascinated by all the good info found on bin Laden’s computer tapes and then again fall for lies that cause real harm.

Thank you everyone involved. Thank you Obama, Seals, and thank you peace movement for inadvertently ruining bin Laden’s image with his supporters, craving a Rambo leader. Thank you Rep. Cris Stearms now opposing the Afghan War. Thank you Taliban for any future small gesture in ending the war. Thank you Americans and thank you world for another opportunity to stop the US from imposing financial collapse on us all from too much US defense spending. Let’s extend the successes into something all of us can cheer about.

Richard Kane

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