Saturday, March 30, 2013

It’s Green time in Philly

It’s time to celebrate Green Philadelphia far more than just Earth Day. The Green Party in Philadelphia is most excited about an anti fracking demo at the Department for Environmental Protection in Norristown April 22, 2013 3 pm.

Let’s celebrate not only Philadelphia’s still fracking chemical free water, but our beautiful spots and park squares the best in the county street greenery. Not many cities outside of Europe are blessed with foot traffic and biking routes. We are blessed with SETA still the best public transit in the country despite 50 years of neglect. Philadelphia brags about its fine restaurants nurtured by old-fashioned street traffic, but the streets are bike friendly just like in Europe. It will be 60’ this Easter Sunday. Rittenhouse Square will be particularly crowded. One can walk over from Rittenhouse Square and browse the anti franking art show at Lutheran Church off 21th & Chestnut and across the street from the Unitarian Church art entrance on Samson Street. Closing party and lecture on April 4 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

On Apr 3 at 6:30pm there is also, not far away at the Friends Center a block from City Hall, "A Fierce Green Fire" from the Envision Peace Museum.

Not to shun technology, also at 15 and Cherry a block from City Hall will be putting technology to positive use, Amy Sample Ward on April 2 will discuss her co-authored book, Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to implement online multichannel strategies to spark advocacy, raise money and engage your community.


We the people got to stop expecting rock stars like Reagan, Clinton and Obama to solve our problems for us. I believe Obama tried at first to be different, but after the 2006 midterm defeats his political speeches and many decisions were based on what would be music for the base to cheer. Try something different like voting for a Green candidate, and registering for a third party for a change.

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