Friday, September 19, 2014

Exhausted Healthcare Workers Fighting Ebola in Africa Desperately Need Human Help, Only Little Cuba is Listening

The survival rate for Ebola patients can reach almost 50% with simple things like constantly monitored Ivs. However, with already exhausted nurses and doctors the survival rate is far less. Those treating an infected sick friend and fellow worker seem to have a knack for catching it.

Cuba's fresh teams of medical workers are more than handy. A sick nurse or doctor should not be treated by a friend, especially if the friend is exhausted. Being sent to a Cuban team would be ideal,
A coordinated approach is needed in other ways as well.

It is a mistake to think the US will be ravaged with Ebola, unless the US does something stupid like putting the Tea Party in charge. However, the Nigerian economy has all but collapsed from lack of transportation and trade due to Ebola. In a sudden decrease in trade and travel effecting the world economy, including the US, far fewer in this country will vote Democrat or Republican. So far the far-right has been more on the ball than the left.

An Ebola epidemic in this country could be stopped in its tracks with free medical care and paid sick leave for all flu-like symptoms, including undocumented immigrants but politics might get in the way. An undocumented worker checked for Ebola, found clean, then deported would cause immigrants to hide or be less talkative, spreading Ebola around this country. Any degree of an Ebola epidemic would devastate the US economy.

Lack of health care in general is also behind the Ebola epidemic in Africa. Malaria is ravaging the place. Many with flu-like systems are actually hiding from the medical police. Because of the malaria locals are dumping, DDT (banned by most of world) piecemeal. If instead there was professional spraying far less DDT would enter the food chain in the long run. If when someone turned themselves in for flu-like conditions if they had malaria or something else which would be aggressively treated plus a big bag of rice for the entire family, people with a flu-condition would stop trying to hide. The following link is a snapshot of what we are facing which will not be solved by the US placing high-tech around,

I remember when the Left used to praise Cuba, perhaps we must start doing this again for our own countries survival.

Blood from Ebola survivors has been given to new Ebola victims with some positive result. It has been tried several times before and is certainly no miracle. However, clearly being cured of Ebola offers some protection against getting it again. Some in West Africa are apparently also immune, though why is not certain,

Ebola survivors can work without all the gloves and masks. However, they would have to wait 14 days in isolation before coming out to the outside world again. This is something an exhausted Doctors Without Borders clinic couldn't deal with. Cuba could implement this if one or two US survivors would join them and soon perhaps many of the more than 200 survivor in Sierra Leone get jobs working with Ebola treatment centers. Ordinary West Africans might be hired as well. At the moment selling survivors blood is a nasty black market with the donor getting very little of the money. Working with or near patients plus a little money for donating blood could become institutionalized. At the present we just have massive profits for a few and massive dumping of DDT over a limited area. West African medical personnel with experience in past Ebola outbreaks are working in Liberia, in conjunction with the few American volunteers, not where the Cubans are in Sierra Leone. A coordinated approach, including the Cubans would help enormously,

The US working with Cuba is real national security both against our disease enemies like Ebola and our human ones like al Qaeda and ISIS.

See, how Ebola can inspire Free Health Care in the US now,
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