Monday, November 7, 2016

Donald Trump and the Terror Attack

Understanding the terrorist mindset (where they are coming from) can help us predict the next upcoming terror attacks
THIS IS A 7am update 11/7/16

Those inspired to long for the Muslim 10th Century Good Old Days are constantly trying to stop the West from influencing and controlling what they consider important like longing to watch the Boston Marathon when it was time to pray. However, Western football doesn't have much appeal, to many Muslims unlike soccer, thus less likely to face attack.

Donald Trump, among other things, gets in the way of trying to understand what they think and why.

Al Qaeda and ISIS are frustrated that Muslims don't get respect like they did in the 10th Century, like Sunni Muslims are taught to believe - not Sufis, Kurds. or Iranian Shiites. Thanks to Iran's lobbying and grandstanding against Israel Palestinians lost interest in getting other mortals to obey the Saudi King as Muhammad's heir. Since the 8th century at times bloody debate has been going on whether mortals should obey God or both God and Muhammad's heir. Al Qaeda and ISIS believe that the King and Islam has grown soft and must be toughened up or replaced, Turkey and Saudi Arabia opposing these terrorists only as long as it doesn't strengthen the Kurd's or Iran. The Queen of England, entertainment stars, and business tycoons get more respect then they get. They desperately try to feel proud when alone praying in public. Hasidic Jews don't face scorn. Amish girls frolicking at the edge of the ocean waves in layered clothing look cute and precious, but in a burkini swimsuit, far more comfortable, looks out of place or worse. Donald Trump possibly forcing moderate Muslims to be more militant and an election day terror attack may help him win.

Many comments similar to mine end up encouraging the West to be nice; but it is far more complicated: for instance a French police officer when he forced a Muslim woman to remove her burkini, who violated the burkini swimsuit ban on a French beach created a climate that allowed thousands of Muslim women to swim on the beaches in Saudi Arabia and similar countries.

Let's look at the terror threat report, Google:
OK my guess from trying to look into their heads an attack that the terrorists claimed would be on polling place demanding Muslims not vote for safety reasons in three states that happen to be rich in Electoral Votes suggests terror designed to get a maximum number of votes for Trump so ISIS and al Qaeda wouldn’t have to slaughter moderate moderate Muslims any more if they could finagle the US to do it for them. One school with a polling place with likely Hillary voters in Texas is 41% Hispanic and 18% black with a fairly large internet presence for the terrorists to find.

An effective way to even prevent terrorist acts is not to give the terrorist what they want, Confederate flag waving Dylann Roof wanted a race war when he murdered a black pastor and some parishioners, not to facilitate the Confederate Flag being removed from the State House lawn, Bin Laden scorned President Bush for continuing to read “The Little Goat” when 9/11 occurred to win President Bush votes. Al Qaeda and ISIS badly want the US to corner moderate Muslims into becoming militant and dream a President Trump will do it. Several terror attacks could cost Hillary votes but CIA candidate Evan McMullin who is 12 points behind Donald Trump in Utah and gaining past double digits in Idaho, The shock of a terror atact could help both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein get electoral votes, Gary is already second in New Mexico and 11 points away from being second in Wyoming. Somehow the US got boxed into a corner of stopping the Kurds and Iran from effectively fighting ISIS. But again they may get overwhelmed by ISIS and al Qaeda, and Saudi Arabia even less well-behaved if the US wasn't involved at all.

Donald is accelerating the blame game, but hurling blame back at him is not necessary the best answer, there was once bipartisanship with Lincoln Chafee. and with Olympia Snowe. But it wasn't only the Tea Party that destroyed them but the Democratic machine urging “vote straight Democrat”. Now Donald and the Democratic machine are joining to defeat Senator John McCain, a badly needed conscience should Donald win.

The anti-choice pro-lifers stance and image is to help mother and child, not jail women for being cornered into an abortion. NRA's stance is or was a gun as a sober attempt to guard against tyranny and quiet protection to protect what others may want, not bravado and veiled threats. Gary Johnson was shocked. But the NRA leadership is subtlety changing what they want their image to be due to Donald Trump With immigration, the bottom line is that if borders were free and open the wage would head toward a dollar an hour. Donald adds in a lot more hate. Donald once had seemingly profound praise of Hillary and made substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation. He will pick judges who will let him do what he wants. The way he burnt the Mexican President will make other world leaders wary of him to negotiate with.

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