Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gay Marriage - but what about Children raised by Domestic Partners being Deigned having two Parents?

Some are fighting Gay Marriage laws hoping to preserve a more moral world.

A lot of things are making this a more disruptive world for kids. Single woman approaching 40 being artificially inseminated, before the clock runs out, who will be lucky to raise her child into adulthood. More and more children with one parent not two, or no living parents at all. Divorce is getting more frequent.

A child that goes through a no fault divorce being raised by his mother during the school year and having to be a different person with his father during holidays can find it traumatic. Far less traumatic would be for the extended families to vacation together once a year.

There are problems ahead. When two young girls or guys meet and quickly decide to marry, their problems may lead to wanting all marriage including between men and woman to have a delay process built in before the marriage becomes official.

We need to find solutions. Many kids and adults too are becoming cyber or cyber game fanatics. And living in a lonely more suicide-filled world. But pushing domestic partnership rather than gay marriage is a step in the wrong direction.

Let’s try to find ways to work together to create a more moral world without finding new ways to fight with each other.

One way some Westerners are trying to make the world more moral is putting the spotlight on quicky Muslim marriage and then divorces of rich Arab Sheiks to poor Muslims from India. If this leads to more Muslim girls having sex without marriage to stop starving, it will be a step in making their lives more miserable. So I suggest complaining about quicky Muslim divorce laws so that the husband would have to do such things as putting up a dowery for the girl’s future second marriage in escrow in order to get a divorce.

Maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. But if I am on the mark, I hope it can lead to us contemplating ways we can change our Western Moral Values to make a more moral world. A lot of domestic partnerships rather than gay marriages is not a step in this direction. I am sad that so many people with good intentions are putting energy into fighting gay marriage when there are lot of more productive ways of encouraging this to be a more moral world.

Another problem is laws like Megan’s Law, trying to make a permanent punishment system, which is now trying to spread to Guantanamo prison, to prevent released prisoners from entering the US, perhaps preventing Obama from succeeding in preserving the economic order by getting along with other countries, especially Muslim countries more, toward a more peaceful economically stable world.

Let’s find ways of working together toward a better, more moral world.
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