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Michael Jackson, Reexamining What it Means to be a Pedophile

Most know Michael Jackson well enough to know he really wanted to help kids, paying for desperately needed medical care. This, whether or not he actually also did things that hurt children. If we knew others who were accused of pedophilia as well as we do Michael Jackson, we’d fine that many are similar to Michael. He thought of himself as a warm and loving human being, proud of giving real warmth and comfort to dying and desperate kids. Whether he actually did something wrong becomes problematic, because our society is switching to orientation as a value for right and wrong. So just finding a child stimulating (according to some people) is good reason for a person to stay away from a child.

Michael Jackson fought for the right to be near kids. Unlike Michael Jackson, most accused of being pedophiles, end up accepting the idea that they are a bad person. He managed to spread his belief that he is a good person to many of his friends and admirers. If someone defends another person without the thousands of other defenders as with Michael Jackson, they would often be accused of pedophilia themselves. I feel we have been going though something like the Joe McCarthy witch hunts, and the once hysteria against gays.

Perhaps I am wrong that support for Michel Jackson has something to do with a lot of people being tired of the pedophile witch hunts. Had Michael been born 50 years earlier, he would not have to defend himself. Neverland would be a respectable shine for kids like Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, where adults and children alike enjoy the amusement park and candy tours and samples of Hershey’s historic and current candies.

Back 50 years ago, people didn’t care about sexual orientation. Certain very specific behavior was considered awful and disgusting and immoral, like anal and oral sex. Age made no difference. Back then, where Michael might have touched a sick child he was paying for the medical care for wouldn’t be important, but whether semen was touched or spread around or a greater horror back then, anything anal that might have touched human manure. Straight sex was likewise considered dirty, but became clean somehow though the marriage vow.

There were some horror stories back then. At college, 35 years ago, there was a small student who looked like perhaps he never went through puberty. He was always clean and neatly dressed but had a weird chemical odor about him. He never used the shower room. It turned out in high-school he was forced to give a blow job to another boy in the bathroom at knife-point. Afterwords all the kids teased him as a little girl. He stopped going to high-school, but managed to get into college without finishing high school. Today things can go in the opposite extreme. A young child after seeing a film warning of molestation, play acting slightly resembling rape or incest on an infant, ending up in reform school or hassled and monitored for many years if not his entire life.

The West thinks it is getting more and more sexually tolerant. But perhaps we are just finding new people to condemn and vilify. Once it was gays, now it’s pedophiles. Clearly if a little girl met a warm and loving sugar-daddy then suddenly feels intense pain between her legs, she would be traumatized by both the pain and the fact that somehow, she looked up to, was hurting her. But most of the traumatized kids face trauma that is caused by the trials, and seeing a friend or relative incarcerated. Some children feel guilty about opening their mouth, and getting a friend or relative in trouble adding to their pain. This feeling of guilt, the convicted person is also blamed for.

We have been going though 40 years of an ever increasing witch hunt. With what was done wrong can get extremely vague. In Scotland, one elementary school teacher accused a summer camp owner of being a pedophile because he always insisted in the camp photos that the boys had their shirts off. Many kids stopped attending camp. The camp went bankrupt. Somehow he got an automatic gun and shot up the classroom, killing the teacher and many of her students. But most of the time those accused of being pedophiles without committing anything specific that could be considered a crime, just learn to stay away from children, or end up punished by sometimes trumped up charges if they don’t.

In Philadelphia a woman with extreme mental problems gave her children away to a man who had been years earlier convicted, or processed for, an incident with a child. The city had an alert but it took over a week to find him. The arresting officer found two dirty, toy endowed kids, the man afraid to give them a bath. And the arresting officer insisted the man never did anything wrong to the kids, but he was arrested and jailed anyway from and old Camden bench warrant, on a minor unrelated matter that turned up.

Some dare to suggest that legalizing all consenting sex, regardless of age would be the solution. But Michael Jackson was denied a childhood just as surely as if he lived in India and was married at the age of seven. If everything was legal, many children would be denied a childhood. A child with an older lover would be afraid to make new friends because his lover would be jealous. There has been incidents in the past where an adult got extremely jealous of a child, who they thought was stealing the favors of a lover. There were incidents where a jealous person was a care-giver responsible for the child, and the child was made to feel miserable.

Today kids in the slums dream of being basketball stars or glamorous diamond studded drug dealers when they grow up. Or in India, due to the movie, Slum Lord Millionaire, India’s poor kids dream of being a movie star. If all sex was legal, a few of them, as children, could become wealthy sex gods and goddesses. But become failures in life as soon as they grow up.

I don’t have a solution. We can’t go back to the old values but the so-called new values don’t add up.

One thing that is clearly not a solution is Megan’s Law. Megan’s laws were started when Megan Kanka was murdered. In the house next door lived three convicted pedophiles. The neighborhood boys used to throw rocks at them. One of them Jesse Timmendequas was a total milk toast who agreed with everything anyone ever told him to. And confessed to the crime because the police told him to.

Maureen Kanka insisted that no one told them that three pedophiles lived in the neighborhood which, (according to the Courier Post) the neighbors were suspicious of. Timmendequas’ lawyer said one of Jesse Timmendequas’ two roommates might have committed the murders. Maureen Kanka ran the courtroom and ordered the cameras out. The judge complying with her every demand. The mother was never accused of being involved. However ever since Megan’s death, parents who are too loud in complaining become the pace of the investigation, or the trial become suspects themselves, even going back before Megan’s death to the Charles Lindbergh child’s murder two generations ago.

According to Wikipedia, and it seems to me doctored evidence, Jesse Timmendequas was bitten by Megan on his hand. But if so his lawyer’s attempts to implicate his roommates instead made little sense and most of the other attempts at proof wouldn’t have been necessary, if he had a child’s bite on his hand, he would have been arrested right away hand instead of the police searching his house twice before arresting him. It seems to me someone is messing with the historic record. Had Timmendequas actually had a child’s bite on his hand, e-rays of his teeth and pictures of the bite marks would have been part of the official record.

In hindsight both before Megan’s death and afterward, parents are often a primary suspect. It reminds me of the Timothy McVeigh Federal Building bombing. On fleeting conspiracy theory, with McVeigh that one of the conspirators discovered that they were watched and quickly drove a bomb down during the day instead of the original plan at night. The only real evidence is the police have been catching plots early ever since rather than trying to catch people in the act. I wish someone would retrieve the old motor vehicle record’s information to check if Timmndoequas owed a truck I don’t remember this in the original trial. On another mater, the Tylenol Tampering incidents (containing cyanide), which I believe that the Philippine Dictator Marcos was involved in, I purchased the expensive Historic Newspaper Archives issue of the NY Times, 10-7-82, that had an article on William Pascual that differed from the on-line version, and the University of Penn., Daily Pennsylvanian article, only to be reminded that newspapers sometimes have more than one version of an article on the same day. So rather than ask that anyone prove that articles on Megan Kanka were tampered with I ask everyone to wonder why pictures of Timmendequas’s hand with Megan’s teeth marks was not part of the trial.

Thanks to the precedent started by Megan’s Law, Guantanamo Prison might not be closed down and Obama’s desperately needed efforts to befriend the Muslims and prevent currency collapse might not work.

We rightly get upset that vigilantes in Somalia were trying to create their own vigilantes justice by calling to the execution of a school teacher for allowing a child to name his teddy bear the name of a Prophet. But we in the west, in our own way, are trying to hold on to social order by adopting, not just vigilantes demanding, Megan Laws.
Michael Jackson has given the west an opportunity to try to figure out how to end, a 40-year witch hunt with ever expanding interpretation of subtler and subtler versions of child abuse. Perhaps we can find a way of ending this witch hunt without children being intertwined in the adult dating networks.

My philosophizing and that other others, is partly based of experience. See following link,

By Richard Kane

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