Thursday, October 18, 2012

It is only Human to be Angry over One's Religion Ridiculed in a Porn Flick. Why no letters in US papers stating this side

One advancement in human history was arguing with lawyers instead of sticks and shouts. This has slipped a little since the conviction of Lynne Steward for doing what her client wanted.

I think a hidden cause of the riots is there is no advocacy of what many Muslims want in a debating and legalistic way.

I hope my from a distance effort to do so, will inspire some right up close to do so. I hope my start will help others seek rational struggle in what al Qeada notes is a 1000 year struggle between civilizations. Besides with this one religious hate porn flick the what I usually consider the opposite way from my cultures view is in my my view seeing it more accurately.

I attest there is a need for censure of the perpetrators of a religious porn hate flick, a preview in Arabic designed with posters in Arabic to trick the Arab reader it was sympathetic to the Muslim viewpoint. Anyway here is why I believe investigation and punishment is important. I am not partial to Islam but believe that before the religions of the book such practice as infanticide and killing of one's young step children chimpanzee style was practiced in parts of this planet.

The earth suddenly became darker because Islam entered it is a statement of prejudice not fact. One is not supposed to say such hate speech about the Holocaust or the African experience of the past.

Is it free speech to go to Harlem near, but just out of sight of, a white man to yell “N” on top of one's lungs, or near a police officers funeral just out of sight to hurl “vicious 'p”' near a punk dressed kid, or to turn Christian and Jewish historic leaders into porn stars, or to in thick traffic cut as many drivers off the road as you can as you give them the finger. Fortunately all four Americans who died in Libya didn't cry for out for vengeance. The Ambassador's wife set up a peace memorial fund similar to the fund set up after Daniel Pearl was beheaded 20 years ago, with the annual Daniel Pearl Peace Concerts. So the last half of October won't be grim heading into the “harsh winter “Charles Manson planned many years ago. So the earth as Helter Skelter seems to be just awaiting the next attempt to create it, rather hat trying to figure out how to stop it. Google “Ambassador Stevens is a hero”


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