Saturday, August 11, 2012

From Homeless Child, to Community Leader, Perhaps Even President Someday!

Lately people believe born poor stay poor unless you makes it in the illegal market. And all those athletes paraded in front of kids inspiring them into concussions, and a lot of disappointment. The country is better off because some children were inspired by Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, and recently Ophah Winfrey. Bill Clinton from the lower middle class and a problematic childhood to success starting with public service jobs could be an inspiration as well, I left out Washington and Lincoln because of the fictionalization added to their legacy, Something inspiring is happening in parts of Kennsington, a partly impoverished section of Philadelphia. Homeless people and those facing foreclosure are both holding their heads up high and improving their lot at the same time. A part of the city where Green Party registration is increasing. Now that Cheri Honkala is the Vice President candidate on the Green Party banner. Obama will suddenly remember there is more than the middle class that needs help, and Romney will only continue to insult the poor at his peril. How the Greens and the Libertarians deal with the states that split their electoral vote, Maine and Nebraska, will be interesting if the electoral college ties, to risk changing the subject if both the Greens and Libertarians get one electoral vote the most likely of the third party possibilities the Constitution says the electors must choose between the top three candidates I think and haven't been able to Google any clarification, Cheri Honkala, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton had troubled childhoods. Though Bill Clinton's mother went to nursing school and left Bill with his grandparents. Cheri's and Oprah’s dealing with a mother with drug issues wasn't easy, especially Cheri's experience as a run away from foster homes. Bill Clinton's experience in stopping his step-dad from beating on his mother and half brother was different but, if Bill would mention it more often, a source of empowerment for children as well. Getting arrested in a homeless protest while a 13 year old runaway was the most empowering thing to happen to Cheri Honkala in her life so far. I hope the beginning of her political career will change that. If voting was compulsively in America Obama would win by a landslide but he is running against “I am so disgusted that I won't vote” some who say “I guess I have to vote the lesser evil” will notice the polls closed before they managed to vote. I am one of those who may or may not change their minds in the polling booth, if both Pennsylvania and the county are neck and neck. The important thing is to vote. And contribute to the better candidates. The Green Party had less over signatures than when the Pennsylvania Democrats challenged in a bitter court fight. They didn't challenge them either because they knew third party election excitement would help the President or at least help every non-blue Dog Democrat running for another office. Obama by praising Ronald Reagan and lately by praising John McCain when it comes to immigration is unknowingly campaigning for people to stay home this time. Obama has real skill as a one on one persuader note his conversion of Bill Gates. But a persuader and an enforcer are two different jobs. Those who swarm all over him doing his every word are making his job harder not easier. I am old enough to have been excited when John F. Kennedy was running, Cheri Honkala is bringing excitement back to politics again. And I hope has already changed the county to where sentencing Ed Frey to six months in jail for helping the poor, and the fines for feeding the poor in Philadelphia will be a thing of the past Or at least the march toward Nazi Germany where helping the poor, and being ethically part of a group with a reputation for siding with the poor ie the Jews would get you killed, will be turned around, thanks to Cheri Honkala. Technical note, an article on RSN can always be updated but the comments remain frozen, it turns out fortunately updating will not make a comment by someone else look silly. To cool the rhetoric down, people fined in Philadelphia for feeding the homeless, and in California Ed Frey getting six month for joining the homeless in solidarity by sleeping on the street may have a little to due with pre-Wold War II German History and famous ex homeless people in the news may help a little. Everyone get back into politics before it's too late. By Richard Kane

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